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  1. goldandblue

    Your Hometown

    Remind me who your son plays for. We have had this conversation already. Both mine an upcoming senior and upcoming sophomore play for Macon County.
  2. goldandblue

    Movies you just saw

    Not very political unless you are trying hard to read into stuff. It’s not a war movie or an action movie but has some of both in it. We went and watched it this weekend and enjoyed it. I lean right. lol. Does that make me a racist fascist?
  3. goldandblue

    Wives and the Stupid **** They Say/Do

    I got yelled at by the wife this weekend for helping her with the laundry… her reasoning was that she had already been working on it.
  4. goldandblue

    Awesome Video Thread

    That’s great!
  5. goldandblue

    What video game are you playing?

    Any hell let loose players on here?
  6. goldandblue

    '16 IL ATH Julian Love (Notre Dame Signed NLI)

    Big INT for love tonight!
  7. goldandblue

    Stanford postgame and post-2023 regular reason thread

    Anywhere I can watch the game?
  8. goldandblue

    Movies you just saw

    The peanut butter falcon. Enjoyed it very much.
  9. goldandblue


    I’m so sorry. Cancer sucks. It’s a terrible thing and has impacted pretty much everyone at some level. I Pray for strength and a healing for both you and your wife.
  10. goldandblue

    Question about a girl

    Lay off Brick he is a f-ing king around here.
  11. goldandblue

    Sergio Brown

    Did they ever find Ethan Johnson?
  12. goldandblue

    Oct 7 | Louisville

    Freaking kidding me..
  13. goldandblue

    Oct 7 | Louisville

    I normally don’t bitch on here during the game but play calling has been shit the entire game.
  14. goldandblue

    Sept 30 | Duke

    You’re from Tn right? What school?
  15. goldandblue

    Sergio Brown-ND Offer

    Whoa. That’s nuts.
  16. goldandblue


    I call bullshit that 81% of the population received the vaccine.
  17. goldandblue

    '18 SC QB Sam Hartman (Notre Dame Transfer)

    15 of 25 (not great) 289 yards and 4 touchdowns… Pretty good day…
  18. goldandblue

    In Memory of Clashmore_Mike...

    Rest peacefully. Cancer sucks.