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    The New England News Letter

    Orazl's New England newsletter is out and has a great interview from Lou with the head usher at Notre Dame.
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    We felt it in louisville KY also. It woke my daughter and I up. 5.2 earthquake in Ill. rocks large region of Midwest - Yahoo! News
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    Irt ought to be love

    Otters hold hands - It ought to be love - on Bore Me
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    Nd Fans Of New England News Letter For April Is Out

    Lou Orazio's April ND Fans of New England is out.
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    Brett Favre retires

    FOX Sports on MSN - NFL - Favre has decided to call it a career
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    Nd Fans Of New Egland News Letter For March
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    Orazl's montly news letter

    DD Member Lou Orazl', Monthly news letter is out. It has some interesting articles so take a look. I did a short piece for him on the NIU VT shootings.. You can read on line at or have it sent to your inbox. lou's good ND people, and if you know...
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    Hannah's gone (not literally)

    N.D. coach’s wife writes book on daughter’s health ordeal :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Books
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    Frank Beamer

    Since Special Teams seems to be the Big ND problem I was doing some on line research on the topic. I suppose I am in the same boat as the coaches. I could see something was wrong but other then bitch be unable to find a soultion My reasearch was chiefly written manuals and diagrams. That being...
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    Congratulations to Navy

    My congratulations to Navy. As we are disappointed being 1-8 and the class that had the streak broken since Roger Staubach, I have to say again congratulations for a wonderful well fought game. Three overtimes a real nail biter and I am sure you understand our disappointment in your joy...
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    IS ND game on the computer?

    Need help to find the game on computer
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    Tuesdays Practice Report

    No mention of Jimmy Irish Insights
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    Nd Falling?
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    Two Tix to GT available

    PhillyIrishfan has two tix to the GT game lower tr. See him at - Notre Dame Football - (Philadelphia, PA) - powered by
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    Bmx A Vick?

    BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Dogs 'neglected' at rapper's home
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    Drunk Nd Students A Drain On South Bend

    South Bend Tribune: Official: Drunken Notre Dame students a drain
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    Drama Queens Accuse Jimmy Clausen

    Drama Queens Accuse Jimmy Clausen of Being Drama Queen; Irony Had, Enjoyed - FanHouse - AOL Sports Blog
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    A Micigan View On Nd

    Maize n Brew :: An Unofficial University of Michigan Athletics Blog
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    Zach Frazer Is Ok To Transfer
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    Connery Nixes Indy 4