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  1. irish o'phile

    NFL Fantasy Football Keeper 2020

    I’m down. Sorry, been busy with crippling depression and drug addiction.
  2. irish o'phile

    '24 MD Edge Darien Mayo (Offer)

    I just want him at ND so I can buy a jersey with the name Mayo on the back. White people love mayonnaise. It’s a rich part of our culture.
  3. irish o'phile

    '21 LA RB Logan Diggs (Notre Dame --> LSU Transfer)

    The things I loved about college football are seemingly gone with the portal and NIL. This is worse than the pros. I’m trying to maintain. Interest, but I don’t think I’ll stay interested for long with how this is all trending.
  4. irish o'phile

    New Apparel and Shoe Deal

    I live in LA County, travel quite a bit, keep up on fashion, and buy and sell fairly expensive sneakers with my 15 year old son. I think I’m dialed in to what kids like. Honestly, nobody outside of the Midwest wears UA. It is inherently uncool to most kids. It’s perceived as a middle aged white...
  5. irish o'phile

    '21 MN OL Joe Alt (Notre Dame Signee)

    Man, the recruiting services really misread this ranking.
  6. irish o'phile

    Gerad Parker - Troy Head Coach :)

    He looks like he would easily beat Tommy Rees in a fight. So, at minimum, we have a tougher OC now.
  7. irish o'phile

    Next ND Offensive Coordinator - the search

    Bad look for ND for sure.
  8. irish o'phile

    2023 Transfer QB

    Bruh, he carries them. One on each arm, after he lays his jacket across a puddle for them, while reciting the Lord’s Prayer, as bunnies and doves frolic around him and lead his way.
  9. irish o'phile

    2023 Transfer QB

    Hartman is a RKG. He values education more than NIL and partying. He was raised by good parents.
  10. irish o'phile

    ‘18 IN DL Braden Fiske (Florida State Verbal)

    I miss the good ol’ days when if someone chose FSU or a similar school, we would talk crap about them just wanting to party, say they weren’t serious about education, question their overall character, and maybe say they were poorly parented. Now we just blame NIL for everything. It’s way less fun.
  11. irish o'phile

    2023 Transfer QB

    Or they/them said.
  12. irish o'phile

    2023 Transfer QB

    That’s what she said.
  13. irish o'phile

    2023 Transfer QB

    6 foot or under listed as taller- check White guy-check Brown hair- check Not dual threat, but sneaky fast- check Fits all the parameters of a ND QB. Admittedly, the quick release and ability to throw down field don’t fit, but we can’t have it all.
  14. irish o'phile

    '23 TX S Peyton Bowen (Oklahoma Signee ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

    I’m glad ND cut out. We can’t blame the staff for this at all. It would be tough to cheer for this kid after this clown show. It would be like when ARod was a Yankee and I knew he was a cheating douche and I had to cheer for him to play well.
  15. irish o'phile

    '23 TX S Peyton Bowen (Oklahoma Signee ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

    This new NIL/Transfer Portal college football is gross. I’m already losing interest in it. I feel like I am grieving the death of something. Time to find a new hobby I guess.
  16. irish o'phile

    '23 TX S Peyton Bowen (Oklahoma Signee ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

    I have no issue with him going wherever he chooses. Good for him. I just don’t understand why you wait until the end if you have respect for the school you’re leaving. It screws ND recruiting wise and makes them look bad. For real, all this NIL stuff and player movement might be the end of my...
  17. irish o'phile

    ‘24 MI DL Brandon Davis-Swain (Colorado Verbal)

    How else is a fanbase going to react?
  18. irish o'phile

    '23 TX S Peyton Bowen (Oklahoma Signee ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

    At this point, if he goes somewhere else, it’s hard to fault the staff or school.
  19. irish o'phile

    '19 KY DT Jacob Lacey (Notre Dame Signee)

    He looked fast and agile for his size. He defiant stood out.