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  1. rtrn2glory

    2024 Spring Practice Thread

    Read an article today that verified he was....
  2. rtrn2glory

    2024 Spring Practice Thread

    I could've sworn I saw Gray in the boundary last week but I could be mistaken.... Maybe it had something to do with Morrison not playing and they were the next two best
  3. rtrn2glory

    2024 Spring Practice Thread

    IDK how much to read into Gray going over Mickey since they technically okay different positions field and boundary
  4. rtrn2glory

    All Things pOSU

    I don't believe this at all but we'll see I guess
  5. rtrn2glory

    2024 Spring Practice Thread

    Not going to bore too much with special teams. I thought Jeter looked the best in the kicking game obviously (ball sounded the best coming off his foot), although he did miss the only field goal attempt during the scrimmage (banged off left upright from about 35 yards). Didn't get to see too...
  6. rtrn2glory

    2024 Spring Practice Thread

    Alright now for the good news. The defense looked GREAT!! All levels seemed to be making plays and looked very fast, especially early on. Crazy to see how the defense has developed over the last 3 years schematically and it's nice to see some carry over from the past few seasons as well. Our...
  7. rtrn2glory

    2024 Spring Practice Thread

    Sorry for the delay. With the fatigue from the trip getting back Saturday late and then watching 10 hours of Masters coverage yesterday, I wasn't able to get on the computer to type up my thoughts from Saturday's practice. As always, it will likely be lengthy so please accept my apologies from...
  8. rtrn2glory

    2024 Spring Practice Thread

    I was able to go to today's practice. Just getting back and I'm dog tired. I'll try to not read any updates and see how my thoughts match up with the "experts". Will post within the next few days since I forgot my laptop at work
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    General team info

    I could see aRB leave too
  10. rtrn2glory

    '25 IN DE Damien Shanklin (Offer)

    So what exactly is the foreign language requirement for incoming freshmen?
  11. rtrn2glory

    This Week in Science

    Not gonna lie it was a lot cooler than I expected.. Not sure I would've driven hours to see but I lived literally right in the middle of totality which worked out well
  12. rtrn2glory

    '25 FL WR Branden Hoch

    Julian Edelman and Wes Welker had a baby
  13. rtrn2glory

    '26 FL QB Brady Hart (Offer)

    I remember being at a practice last year where Deuce was doing the same thing. Not sure if there's any correlation there
  14. rtrn2glory

    '16 CAN WR/LB Chase Claypool (Notre Dame Signed NLI)

    Perfect proof of how hard it actually is to have a good to average career in the league. Talent wise he had it.... Didn't have it upstairs
  15. rtrn2glory

    2025 Master Thread

    Insert Chuck Norris dodgeball gif
  16. rtrn2glory

    '20 NJ CB Clarence Lewis (Notre Dame Signee)

    Actually excited to see this. Just means the young guys must be playing well in terms of the staff felt comfortable letting him walk
  17. rtrn2glory

    2025 Master Thread

    Who's RVB Sorry never been good at acronyms
  18. rtrn2glory

    '25 PA LB Anthony Sacca (Notre Dame Verbal)

    I see a Georgia offer. All I need to see
  19. rtrn2glory

    Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapses

    This is absolutely terrifying.. I'm petrified of heights and hate driving over bridges like this. Prayers to families impacted
  20. rtrn2glory

    ‘21 AL QB Riley Leonard (Duke Transfer - Notre Dame Verbal)

    Bad sign. Angeli needs to stay