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  1. TCramer

    Louisville Commit Arrested

    Y! SPORTS "Sharieff Rhaheed-Muhammad, a recent Louisville signee from Fort Pierce, Florida, was arrested on Monday and charged with felony lewd lascivious behavior. Rhaheed-Muhammad, 17, was accused of fathering a child with his 14-year-old cousin, who later had an abortion."
  2. TCramer

    NCAA 14/15 Roster Update PS3 and XBox360

    Xbox 360 Download rosters from gamertag: Call Me LSU '14/'15 Rosters for Ncaa 14 (Xbox 360) (WIP) - Operation Sports Forums PS3 Download rosters from PSN: CTdaPrince LsuTyga24's '14/'15 NCAA roster for PS3 - Operation Sports Forums
  3. TCramer

    Buying Stock in Pro Athletes

    I gave a quick look to see if anyone else posted this yet but didn't see anything. Anyway I can't decide whether or not I like this yet but Arian Foster accepted $10 million dollars in exchange for allowing 20% of his future income in the form of a stock...better explained here Fantex Brokerage...
  4. TCramer

    Record 8 SEC teams in top 25

    SEC slates record eight teams in AP Top 25 - ESPN To go along with this, one of the top comments: I honestly feel like this guy has a pretty good point. The middle tier SEC teams are always giving the edge or benefit of the doubt when it comes to rankings. I know last year we saw how good...
  5. TCramer


    So I went to the Pirates game last night vs. Cincinnati, PNC Park was one of the craziest atmosphere's I have ever been to. I have seen Stanley Cup games in Pittsburgh, a variety of NFL playoff games but nothing compared to the energy in that stadium last night. I wanted to share this clip with...
  6. TCramer

    Cornell Lacrosse Hazing...oh the humanity..

    Cornell Big Red -- Lacrosse freshmen made to chug beer - ESPN Cornell Lacrosse upperclassmen had the audacity to do this to the new Freshman team members...unbelievable What did they make them do you say? ....Well let me tell you...they forced them to stand around and chug beers, and then...
  7. TCramer

    iOS 7

    For all you iPhoner's do you guys like it? I downloaded mine about an hour ago and I think it's alot quicker and simpler than iOS 6. So far I'd say it's a definite upgrade.
  8. TCramer

    I killed a man.

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  9. TCramer

    Clowney, Bridgewater, Miller join Manziel?

    Johnny Manziel Autograph Dealer Has 19 Jadeveon Clowney Items On eBay Jadeveon Clowney,Teddy Bridgewater and Braxton Miller have memorabilia for sale from the same broker...uhhh ohhh
  10. TCramer

    Ariel Castro

    I don't know if any of you have been following this case, but he's being sentenced now...he's got like 10 life sentences...good for him.
  11. TCramer

    Von Miller suspended

    Von Miller of Denver Broncos faces suspension -- sources - ESPN "Popped a molly I'm suspended, woo." - Von Miller but really...the NFL is making quite a name for itself in the courts system this off-season...more so than I can remember in the past...can anything really be done?
  12. TCramer

    NCAA 14 Roster Update

    I'm going to frequently post some updates on roster edits... ***FOR XBOX 360 *** NCAA 14 Edited Roster (X360) - Page 13 - Operation Sports Forums Download from Xbox 360 GamerTag: YUKON46 Highlights... This roster has Special editing to names (if you like the .'s and -'s ) All Body fixes...
  13. TCramer

    Adam "Pacman" Jones at it again...

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  14. TCramer

    NHL makes visors mandatory

    NHL, Players' Association agree on mandatory visors - - News I like the idea, give the current players the choice but force new players to wear them. Will end up making the game safer.
  15. TCramer

    SEC Network

    SEC, ESPN announce SEC Network for 2014 - ESPN Does anyone else see this to be a conflict of interest? I mean doesn't ESPN already have ties with the BCS... 12 year contract with the BCS Playoffs and now a 20 year deal with the SEC.........
  16. TCramer

    NCAA 13 (Xbox360)

    Well if anyone is dying for some college football, and want a good off season change.. here is a link to the 2013-2014 updated rosters, yes all the recruits are added and players entering the draft are gone...they're a few gamer tags that have them in their "locker" for you to download Download...
  17. TCramer

    '15 IL QB Jack Beneventi

    '15 IL QB Jack Beneventi Lisle, IL Benet Academy MEASUREABLES Ht: 6'6" Wt: 190 40: GPA: Bench: Squat: STATS 2012: 2318 Passing yds, 20 TDs RANKINGS Rivals: NA Scout: #5 QB | #83 Overall ESPN: 79 Rating | #273 Overall | #11 PP 247: 88 Rating | N/A | #16 PRO QB 247 Composite: 0.9040...
  18. TCramer

    RGIII Injury

    In case you missed... <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> How can Shanahan keep him in?! Visibly injured, Dr. James Andrews even warned them something like this could happen....why risk him!
  19. TCramer

    '15 VA WR Jaason Lewis

    '15 VA WR Jaason Lewis Virginia Beach, VA Ocean Lakes High School MEASUREABLES Ht: 6'3" Wt: 225 40: GPA: Bench: Squat: RANKINGS Rivals: NA Scout: NA ESPN: NA 247: NA OFFERS Florida State Michigan North Carolina Old Dominion Virginia Virginia Tech INTEREST Notre Dame <iframe...
  20. TCramer

    Notre Dame vs. Alabama - Predictions

    Well, with a week to go until the National Championship, I figure now would be a good time for everyone to give their final two cents, and give a prediction on what the final outcome of the game will be. Well here we go.... Notre Dame-23 Alabama-20