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  1. Sherm Sticky

    '21 NJ RB Audric Estime (Notre Dame Signee)

    You lucky dog. Love me some Mina Kimes!
  2. Sherm Sticky

    2024 Spring Practice Thread

    Love's game is more like Watters. Price's game is more like Brooks
  3. Sherm Sticky

    '19 GA LB JD Bertrand (Notre Dame Signee)

    I wouldn't say most of the top guys didn't run. It was the majority of top guys did run the 40 and minority did not run...because they are probably hiding their lack of speed and will run on a fast track at their pro day. Off the top of my head top guys who did not run were Trotter, Eichenberg...
  4. Sherm Sticky

    '18 NC OLB Payton Wilson (Offer)

    If he didn't have the injury history he would be a first RD pick right?
  5. Sherm Sticky

    ‘18 NJ DE Javontae Jean Baptiste (OSU Transfer - ND Verbal)

    He wasn't forced to switch to the Senior Bowl. He was actually called up to the Senior Bowl from the E-W Shrine game.
  6. Sherm Sticky

    '19 GA S Kyle Hamilton (Notre Dame Signee)

    Don't forget about the old man Harrison Smith still chugging along.
  7. Sherm Sticky

    Bama vs Michigan

    Ouch Tommy. What a shit call at the end. I’m with Milroe running the ball, but not up the middle there…have him run outside damn
  8. Sherm Sticky

    '22 SC LB Jaylen Sneed (Notre Dame Signee)

    I actually thought he played really well and was all over the field yesterday. He is really explosive and twitched up. I didn’t think he was out of control and ran himself out of plays. I guess I need to rewatch the tape.
  9. Sherm Sticky

    '23 FL ATH Jordan Faison (Notre Dame Signee)

    Was wondering the same thing. I thought he was gone, but the DB had an angle I guess.
  10. Sherm Sticky

    '23 TX QB Jackson Arnold (Oklahoma Verbal)

    Future 1st round NFL draft pick.
  11. Sherm Sticky

    '22 CA CB Jaden Mickey (Notre Dame Signee)

    If he does, which I think he will, I'm sure he is going to have the best game of his life!
  12. Sherm Sticky

    '19 IN LB Jack Kiser (Notre Dame Signee)

    ^This and thank you!
  13. Sherm Sticky

    '19 IN LB Jack Kiser (Notre Dame Signee)

    You are wrong again. I think you may be thinking of JD who can diagnose plays rapidly but is limited physically, he is small. JD is the LB who would get swallowed up by blocks if he was not fast enough diagnosing the play and the linemen was able to get a hand on him. And you are wrong if you...
  14. Sherm Sticky

    '19 IN LB Jack Kiser (Notre Dame Signee)

    You are wrong. His best position in this defense is WILL lb. He actually has football instincts unlike Marist. And he will be able to scrape and make tackles in the whole. You put your big body LB at Mike so Kiser with his speed and instincts can clean everything up.
  15. Sherm Sticky

    '22 WA WR Tobias Merriweather (Notre Dame Signee)

    Facts! But he does know football
  16. Sherm Sticky

    '19 HI ATH Marist Liufau (Notre Dame Signee)

    His tackling technique was poor. But that is not why the D gave up big run plays due to his missed tackles. It's because he was the worst LB ever at run fits. He can chase a play with the best of them. But when you run right at him it's like a deer in the headlights and he freezes.
  17. Sherm Sticky

    '23 CA WR Rico Flores (UCLA Transfer)

    1 hated Stuckey and the other was 1 of 2 players that did not hate Stuckey and is upset he left.