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  1. BoredIrish

    '25 GA WR Jerome Bettis Jr. (Offer)

    Maybe JBJ helps keep Deuce in the class.
  2. BoredIrish

    Coaching Carousel

    D'Anton Lynn would be awesome. FUSC.
  3. BoredIrish

    Coaching Carousel

    If the Bears like Maye, they could probably extract a good return trading down one spot. Caleb is from the DC area and would be an extremely popular pick there. Hopefully they overpay to land him.
  4. BoredIrish

    Coaching Carousel

    Guess this means the Raiders aren't trading for Fields.
  5. BoredIrish

    Coaching Carousel

    FWIW Elston may be available... New defensive coordinator target emerging for Michigan football
  6. BoredIrish

    '23 IA OT Kadyn Proctor (Alabama Verbal)

    Yes. The ND beat announced that Hartman was coming to ND while he was still playing for Wake in his bowl game. Just to clarify... I'm not saying that I know anything. The staff may have not broken any rules by going through 3rd parties etc. Just based on the timing of the commitment, I think ND...
  7. BoredIrish

    '23 IA OT Kadyn Proctor (Alabama Verbal)

    ND fans need to be careful what they wish for here... pretty sure ND tampered with both Hartman and Riley Leonard
  8. BoredIrish

    Michigan going after Chad Bowden..

    need to tie an endowment to the position... Call it the Vinny Cerrato Director of Recruiting
  9. BoredIrish

    Al Golden - Defensive Coordinator

    The Athletic lists Golden and Washington as potential candidates. Boston College football coaching job profile: Pluses, minuses and candidates
  10. BoredIrish

    Michigan going after Chad Bowden..

    Is Moore going to kidnap him?
  11. BoredIrish

    Chicago Bears address

    Justin Fields was given a long rope because he seems like a humble and hard working kid. I think the Chicago fans would love for Caleb to pan out and the only reason they dont embrace him is if he comes in and acts like and entitled brat. FWIW I think Caleb does want to win and from what I...
  12. BoredIrish

    ND's Talking Heads ... The good, bad & ugly

    You know it's the off-season when articles are being written about articles that were written by Driskell: Notre Dame football staff credited with changing the recruiting game
  13. BoredIrish

    '24 OH S Taebron Bennie-Powell (Notre Dame Signee)

    I'd be curious to hear from anyone who watched his Senior film?
  14. BoredIrish

    25' KS TE Linkon Cure (Offer)

    Good time for new TE offers. New coach can just blame the old coach for not offering sooner.
  15. BoredIrish

    Al Golden - Defensive Coordinator

    Interesting that Max Bullough is on the road recruiting. I guess Golden got a pass to stay home.
  16. BoredIrish

    Coaching Carousel

    Connor Stallions???
  17. BoredIrish

    All Things pOSU

    Date Time At Opponent Location Tournament Result Aug 31 (Sat) TBA Home Akron Columbus, Ohio (Ohio Stadium) Sep 7 (Sat) TBA Home Western Michigan Columbus, Ohio (Ohio Stadium)...
  18. BoredIrish

    Tommy Rees - Offensive Coordinator

    Does anyone know if the LSU OC position was ever a real option for Tommy?
  19. BoredIrish

    '23 FL DE Keon Keeley (Alabama Verbal)

    Is he even going in the portal? It seems like half the Bama roster already announced... not sure what he is waiting for?
  20. BoredIrish

    '24 CA QB Julian Sayin (Alabama Verbal)

    Wasnt Sayin a big fan of BK? Perhaps if Tommy does end up at LSU, he follows him there. He has stated that he is a big fan of TD Tommy.