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    thought you all may appreciate this

    Im walking out of a sandwich shop wearing my golden tate Jersey and a guy walking by with the most condescending tone said "sweet chase Anastasio Jersey man" haha idk if i should be offended or suprised any one remembered him
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    help out a friend

    hey guys i know this probably isnt the best place to do this but i have a friend who has 2 kids and she goes to school to be a special education major plus works on the side when she can. her husband called a local radio station here in memphis and told them her story and now shes been selected...
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    Kelly's Recruiting Skills

    im just sayin BK is not a proven recruiter. in 18 yrs he only pulls in 3****'s. im not knockin on him. i like the hire. im just stating tha facts that hes not a good recruiter based on the star system. like i said like 3 posts ago. stars dont always portray how the players play. so he could pull...
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    i know its not very NDish but...

    here at U of Memphis we are pretty relieved tommy west is talkin about retiring. we have the 2nd biggest spending limit out of all non bcs schools. these are the people the school is in contact with for the head coaching job. tell me what you think * Former Southern Miss coach Jeff Bower *...
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    hey guys since yall are football fans too i thought yall might like this. Goal Line Blitz - Beta - American Football MMORPG its basically a game where u create a player and build him up the entire year to be a stud. its kinda childish but it passes time. and joining gives me bonus points to...
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    may be diggin up an old grave but...

    like i said i may be diggin up an old grave but do yall like scout, or rivals more?
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    March Madness

    who do yall think will be the 1 seeds in the tourny?
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    2009 defensive depth chart???

    have yall thought about the depth chart for next year on defense?? i dont see offense changing that much, but defense is gonna be hit. if darrin walls comes back, does he start? or does a good offseason of robert blanton help him move up to starter? does gary gray transfer? maybe marlon...