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  1. DONTH8

    Rev. Bob Dowd, C.S.C. to be next ND President

    Did i miss the part where someone talks about bad short game in golf being a requisite to lead the University?
  2. DONTH8

    '20 NE WR Xavier Watts (Notre Dame Man)

    WR3!!!!! Travis Hunter wishes he was X.
  3. DONTH8

    '24 CA LB Kyngstonn Viliamu-Asa (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Kiss of Death. He gone. But in all seriousness, I'm extremely happy for him and his family. He absolutely earned this.
  4. DONTH8

    2024 WR Coach Search

    Sumo Deadlift? Basically like not reaching depth in squats. Hard pass.
  5. DONTH8

    Banned Users

    Nah, I heard he offered them a week each at his Timeshare.
  6. DONTH8

    He Who Shall Not Be Named - Cannot be fired fast enough

    I'm interested in who he gets as the next DC. To be his DC you have to think is tough. You know that you will have way more possessions to stop than other places, making your defense look inferior to others statistically. It's why I thought Grinch worked well except for this season when the...
  7. DONTH8

    Skunkbear Signal Stealing Scandal

    Interesting. Offering immunity would mean they are chasing something big. As others have said, if you are offering immunity you would have to wager what they are threatening (if they find all the info needed) must be pretty severe to the athletes themselves. But it's the NCAA. They have shown...
  8. DONTH8

    What video game are you playing?

    Got a buddy here with a theater/gaming room and he uses a UST projector. $4k I think he said it cost. But its pretty mind blowing the tech it has to get a “120 screen that bright and crisp. My wife would lose it if I ever spent that much at once for gaming lmao.
  9. DONTH8

    Nov 4 | Clemson

    I just hope that when Dabo inevitably does his sprint in front of the team coming down the hill so he can get the admiration that he craves, the fans boo him instead. Set the tone for the rest of the game.
  10. DONTH8

    Skunkbear Signal Stealing Scandal

    They are, and correct me if I’m wrong, but Pete Thamel is posting the allegations against Michigan. He isn’t making statements about how terrible they are, or how wrong they are for doing it, etc. its just the news of the investigation starting. If he said something like “Michigan is in deep...
  11. DONTH8

    Skunkbear Signal Stealing Scandal

    I think most journalists won’t touch it. They don’t want to be the ones to try and slander a team/coach/university based off unsubstantiated allegations. There has to be a presumption of innocence. If they start trying to tear down a team/coach/etc. they better have all the evidence. Like that...
  12. DONTH8

    '24 NC TE Jack Larsen (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Honestly, I cant really know how tall someone is unless they stand next to Bob Diaco.
  13. DONTH8

    Skunkbear Signal Stealing Scandal

    It wasn't. They gave players immunity to help the investigation. They got the max fine (5 million, lol) and lost 2 draft picks in 2020 and 2021. The MLB commissioner has stated that he regrets giving players immunity, which I believe signals to the populous that they were guilty of everything...
  14. DONTH8

    Skunkbear Signal Stealing Scandal

    This is like the Astros though. There is sign stealing which is sanctioned cheating. And then there is using a camera and technology to get the signs, and then more technology to give the sign to the batter. That is BS. If people can't accept that, then I question their moral compass.
  15. DONTH8

    ND Players from the Past

    Cole Luke married a good friend of mine in early October. If you look close, you'll see I'm out of frame in the second picture. She didn't realize that I was a huge ND fan when she started dating him, and we went on a double date for their 3rd date. I had a great time. Idk about our women. It's...
  16. DONTH8

    What video game are you playing?

    May have to add it to my backlog.
  17. DONTH8

    He Who Shall Not Be Named - Cannot be fired fast enough

    For a second I thought this was about Charlie Weis
  18. DONTH8

    ND's Talking Heads ... The good, bad & ugly

    I just wish that the NBC broadcast would allow the crowd noise in and ask their announcers to have to talk over it or something similar. I feel like ESPN and FOX have the right balance of it. When we play elsewhere the fans sound so loud and contrasted with home games we sound pathetic. But then...
  19. DONTH8

    Oct 14 | Southern Cal

    Hope he keeps it up for 4 quarters! He has flashed more and more this season. Really want him to play a complete game from start to finish.