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  1. IHateMarkMay

    TRANSFER TIME..start a list

    Must be learning from USC. Minus the first round part of the receivers of course.
  2. IHateMarkMay

    TRANSFER TIME..start a list

    Elko doing ND a solid getting rid of so many starters lol. Seriously, might not be the worst thing for him. If he has a horrible year, he can blame it on all the transfers.
  3. IHateMarkMay

    Coaching Carousel

    Really? With some of these pervs and a name like Morehead...
  4. IHateMarkMay

    2023 Watch Party: WEEK FOURTEEN Sort by age. Oldest Bama player is 22.
  5. IHateMarkMay

    2023 Watch Party: WEEK FOURTEEN

    No way Washington is out. Undefeated, conference champ. Has to be in. The committee better hope UM or FSU lose so they can put two SEC teams in.
  6. IHateMarkMay

    '19 CA QB JT Daniels (Southern Cal Verbal)

    Does this mean he's entered the coaching transfer portal?
  7. IHateMarkMay

    All things Spartans

    Hey some no name guy called Nick Saban went a whooping 34-24-1!
  8. IHateMarkMay

    ND- OSU post game thread

    Tired of knowing good teams will drive in the last minute and score anytime we're up close.
  9. IHateMarkMay

    '25 MS QB Deuce Knight (Notre Dame Verbal)

    You have two choices and can't decide. Flip a coin. If you are disappointed that it landed a certain way, it tends you what you actually wanted. Same if you are happy with how it landed.
  10. IHateMarkMay

    NW Teams Going Independent?

    I've never seen a stadium with a capacity of 3.
  11. IHateMarkMay

    Everything Soccer

    De Gea dropped more points for us last season than added. The guy can't play with his feet and anytime he had the ball outside of his box, it was a disaster. Onana is (statistically speaking) roughly the same quality shot stopper but has the added efficiency of being great with his feet.
  12. IHateMarkMay

    '21 CA QB Tyler Buchner (ND FB -> Bama FB -> ND LAX???)

    This. Teams that have players that left your team and teams you hate, you tend to follow more closely. See how much Michigan/USC pops up on this site. Also, per the bold, ew.
  13. IHateMarkMay

    NW Teams Going Independent?

    Hey everybody, guess who's back!
  14. IHateMarkMay

    Everything Soccer

    They made a double offer for Maguire and McTominay, but with Mainoo out (and Fred and Van de Beek leaving), United kind of need McTominay. I thought they got denied McT and went after Ward Prowse instead (if they came back for McT, I'd give him up as a United fan. He can be good for someone...
  15. IHateMarkMay

    Everything Soccer

    I'm somewhat intrigued at to what he does. I would imagine he wants the Premiership goal scoring record, which should take him two years to accomplish at best (47 off currently). Does he stay an extra year at Spurs to see if he can get it, then make a move abroad? I don't think any top six...
  16. IHateMarkMay

    Everything Soccer

    Oh, you don't have to tell me how stupid Levy is. If anyone was offering 100M for him, he should take it. Quality of strikers after age 30 are not great, and if you get a good season with one, chances are the next won't be good. IF he were to let him go, I'm really not sure who is the top...
  17. IHateMarkMay

    Everything Soccer

    Levy won't let Kane leave. I'm more interested to see if Kane signs on for another year or opts to test the free market next summer.
  18. IHateMarkMay

    '23 KS RB Dylan Edwards (Colorado Verbal)

    Let's be fair here, he's competing against a defense that was either piss poor last year or a bunch of transfers who probably couldn't make the two deep at their original schools.
  19. IHateMarkMay

    Chicago Bears address

    Especially because it sounded like we could have had Arians if we wanted him...