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  1. jmurphy75

    Injury Updates

    Carlisle: MRI, but sounds OK Luke: Concussion protocol Baratti: Out for 2014, shoulder surgery Trumbetti: Should be cleared to practice Monday Lombard: Should be 100% by Syracuse. Could have played yesterday. Grace: No go for Syracuse Hunter: Should by 100% by Syracuse
  2. jmurphy75

    Disney/Universal Studios vacations

    My brother has worked for a VIP Disney tour company for the last couple of years and has decided to open his own company. They do everything from arrange your pick up from the airport to custom tuning your entire vacation. The most common benefit is they can taylor your day at Disney to what...
  3. jmurphy75

    Any chance we can hire Auburn's special teams coach.

    He'll I'd settle for their assistant st coach.
  4. jmurphy75

    ESPN Reporting Tampa Bay hires Lovie Smith

    Lovie Smith, Tampa Bay Buccaneers reach agreement - ESPN Bringing Tedford as OC
  5. jmurphy75

    First trip up for the BYU game

    I'm making my first trip up to the promised land for the BYU game. I'd love to meet up with any of you guys that will be there...hell I communicate with some of you guys more than some of my friends that live in Orlando with me. I'm flying in Thursday night and staying at the Waterford Inn so if...
  6. jmurphy75

    Everything Soccer

    It seems like every game the US team gets a head they always take their foot off the gas and it gets ugly
  7. jmurphy75

    Diaco to Interview for HC Jobs

    Sucks Boston College Football Coaching Search: Notre Dame DC Bob Diaco To Interview - BC Interruption
  8. jmurphy75

    Fantasy football help please

    Guys this is my first year playing fantasy football and I need a little advice. I need to figure out if I should start Larry Fitzgerald or Felix Jones as my flex player this week. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  9. jmurphy75

    NCAA Officials stand behind call

    NCAA official says replay reviews were right to confirm Notre Dame Fighting Irish goal-line stand against Stanford Cardinal - ESPN And there it is boys and girls, like we didn't know this already. The national coordinator of NCAA football officials says the decision to uphold the ruling on the...
  10. jmurphy75

    ESPN College Gameday Week 9?

    So next weeks game may decide if Gameday is in Norman for our game or in Kansas to watch K State play Texas Tech. What do you guys think?
  11. jmurphy75

    Hatfields & McCoys

    Is anyone else watching this? Dam good so far, and pretty good cast.
  12. jmurphy75

    Tailgating for the Champs Sports Bowl

    Since some of you guys will be coming to Orlando for the game I wanted to see if yall wanted to try and get together for some tailgating? I'll try to keep you informed of where the best parking will be, and if you need to know anything about the area just ask.
  13. jmurphy75

    Prayers needed please, missing friend

    We have a friend missing and could use all the prayers that we can get. Michelle Parker search: Family members, friends searching for missing Orlando-area mom Michelle Parker - Authorities set up a command post south of downtown Orlando on Saturday afternoon, where...
  14. jmurphy75

    Everything Soccer

    What an amazing and inspiring game....GO USA
  15. jmurphy75

    Everything Soccer

    did anyone catch the U-17 Mexico vs Netherlands game this morning? Very good game! Can't wait for the game tonight! Nice to see this site has such a good soccer following
  16. jmurphy75

    Long Irish Eyes article

    I thought article was pretty good 99 to go: conclusion
  17. jmurphy75

    Good read

    Not sure if anyone has posted this yet but I thought it was a good read A to Z: Your comprehensive spring breakdown | Inside the Irish
  18. jmurphy75

    Everything Soccer

    I can't stand the Glazers they continue to neglect the Tampa Bay Bucs, in part due to the enormous debt created by the purchase of Man U
  19. jmurphy75

    Thanks for all the well wishes

    I just wanted to thank everyone for all of the thought and well wishes for my daughter. She is a month old today and has already had to endure 2 surgery's, we were just told that she might get to come home tomorrow and will be a fully healthy little girl in no time. Her name is Harper Kate...
  20. jmurphy75

    Nike Pro Combat Jerseys

    I figured yall might want something to keep you occupied during the waiting period. This might have already been posted but I just recently came across the ND Nike Pro Combat Uni and thought it looked pretty bad ***. Fighting Irish Pro Combat Jersey's?