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  1. yankeeND

    RIP Anthony Mason

    Just saw on the ESPN bottom line that former Knick Anthony Mason has passed at only 48. Sad last couple of days.
  2. yankeeND

    2013 Spring Football Roster as of 2/9/13

    QB 1. Tommy Rees #11 Sr 2. Andrew Hendrix #12 Sr* 3. Everett Golson #5 Jr* 4. Gunner Kiel #1 So* 5. Malik Zaire #8 Fr RB 6. George Atkinson #4 Jr 7. Cam McDaniel #33 Jr 8. Amir Carlisle #3 Jr* 9. Will Mahone #32 So* 10. Greg Bryant # 6 Fr 11. Tarean Folston #? Fr WR 12. Tai-ler...
  3. yankeeND

    Practice Time

    We've got six weeks at 20 hours a pop! Now maybe 5 with finals lurking but still lots of time to improve as a team! I expect Kelly to have a solid plan and an even more physical team with even more depth by the time January 7th rolls around. Thoughts?
  4. yankeeND

    Gunner's Role in 13'

    With each week passing and Golson improving, I feel it is becoming clear that he will be able to keep the keys to the Ferrari next year. Now that leaves us with the number one QB from last years class sitting on the bench. I feel the best way to utilize his talents is to create redzone...
  5. yankeeND

    Today is Now, What are you gonna do with it?

    Days, months, and now years have gone by with us left with feelings of emptiness with loss after loss to teams that quite frankly were more prepared, overall just better, and he'll just dumb luck on their sides. We are in year 3 of the coach Kelly tenure. Historically year 3 has been...
  6. yankeeND

    My Fantasy Team, Watcha Think?

    This weekend I did my first live draft which I'm sure most of you have but for those who haven't I highly recomend it! That said I wanted you guys to give me your thoughts on my squad. QB- Tom Brady RB- Adrian Peterson RB- Marshawn Lynch WR- Stevie Johnson WR- Desean Jackson TE- Jermaine...
  7. yankeeND

    Let's talk London (Summer Olympics 12')

    I am very excited to dive right into them this year. However, aside from Michael Phelps I have no idea who to make sure I don't miss for the U.S. this year. I'm curious if any of you here follow this and could throw some names for me to keep an eye on, particularly in track and field. Oh yeah...
  8. yankeeND

    Gronk locked up...

    For 6 year extension baby! Haha, I'm so happy! Love the Pats and a huge fan of Gronk! This has been one of the best weeks for me as a fan! I bet a lot of you don't give a right or left tes... well you know but I couldn't resist!