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  1. ND87

    Tommy Rees - Offensive Coordinator

    Anyone conducted a wellness check on TTown ?
  2. ND87

    Sept 16 | Central Michigan

    Pls see DM
  3. ND87

    Sept 16 | Central Michigan

    Anyone going to the game and has Xtra tix? Thinking of stopping by...
  4. ND87

    Gerad Parker - Offensive Coordinator

    Leaving Las Vegas, anyone?
  5. ND87

    '24 IL DL Justin Scott (Ohio State Verbal)

    retweeted this...
  6. ND87

    Travel / Vacation thread

    Ww were in Venice in Dec. All but 2 fishing/shrimping boats in Pt. Charlotte were you gotta go to Tamp or further north for *fresh* (as in caught today) fish.
  7. ND87

    2023 NFL Draft

    Fwiw, Joe Alt #8 in a waaay too early 2024 Mock Draft
  8. ND87

    Travel / Vacation thread

    besides the UP, the real vacay spot is Traverse City . Leelanau Peninsula, Charlevoix etc. Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes Wine, smoked chub out on the peninsula, sail Grand Traverse bay...... Sigh... my childhood was spent on the lakes or ski resorts up there... was heaven. Especially nice for Fall...
  9. ND87

    '22 NJ QB Steven Angeli (Notre Dame Signee)

    If Buch really was dropping classes prior...maybe he was just mailing it in for B&G game and already had a foot out the door. His interviews were...lackluster
  10. ND87

    '24 NC WR Micah Gilbert (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Front & center but didn't use gold blue or green on the electrical bit... He gone. /s
  11. ND87

    Spring Practice 2023

    Playing both sides
  12. ND87

    Spring Practice 2023

    Angelina has like -0- live-game awareness rn Still doing drills
  13. ND87

    Spring Practice 2023

    Just for fun...swap Hartman & Buchner and see what happens. Sam def getting more time/protection (Nit that I think QB1 is anyone but Hartman.... ppl talked about him possibly being drafted right? So...Potential Pro vs HS Sr+)
  14. ND87

    Wives and the Stupid **** They Say/Do

    Mine has to open any new ...well, *anything* soone as it enters the house, especially snacks. Could have 3 bags of pretzels open, but she'll buy a new variant and open it .
  15. ND87

    Spring Practice 2023

    Peacock premium is free with Xfinity...
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    Word Game

  17. ND87

    Word Game

  18. ND87

    Spring Practice 2023

  19. ND87

    Spring Practice 2023

    I'm taking this post with more than a grain of salt...
  20. ND87

    '18 SC QB Sam Hartman (Notre Dame Transfer)

    sorta ... Addy's