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  1. SouthernIrish

    Hey IHateMarkMay!

    What is the scoop on IU basketball? I have been to afraid to keep up on it.
  2. SouthernIrish

    Did you see this on Sports Center?

    My son was home from UGA and went to this high school game with his friend whose little brother plays for Lassiter. That play might have won the game for ND this Saturday on that overthrown ball:-) <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
  3. SouthernIrish

    sure wish I could find the YouTube thread

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  4. SouthernIrish

    My Halloween Costume

    My neighborhood has a big halloween party every year. Most that go are the neighbors that all get together to watch SEC football. So, to be annoying :wink: I have decided to go as a Notre Dame fan. I have my Brady Quinn white jersey. Will paint shamrocks around my eyes. I also have a button...
  5. SouthernIrish

    There is no gas in Atlanta

    So bizarre. In my suburb, NONE of the gas stations have gas. The numbers are all down, the pumps covered. Its been like this for a week, since the hurricane. If it doesn't get better in the next couple of days, they are going to close the schools. How is it in other places?
  6. SouthernIrish

    I went to the Texas Longhorns game Saturday

    WoW. They do like their football in Texas. I stayed with friends and the high school in their neighborhood had a stadium that a small college would love to call home. Watched the first half of Notre Dame poolside, we skipped the tailgating at the stadium because it was too hot. I would...
  7. SouthernIrish

    Prayers for the Texas Coast

    Let's keep those people in our prayers. This storm is a monster. I went through Andrew and this will be a nightmare for so many.
  8. SouthernIrish

    Remind me to stay out of Vegas

    Yesterday was not a good day for me and my v-money
  9. SouthernIrish

    Teacher Joke Gone Bad

    Today a moth flew into my classroom. I jokingly told the kids "let it alone, that's our class pet. His name is Fluffy." So, he fluttered around all morning. One of the kids noticed that he was pale green and said "Its an Irish moth!". I said, "It must be." and felt very good about the progress...
  10. SouthernIrish

    I am one Homesick Hoosier

    I don't know why its so bad this year. I always get a twinge of it before football season or basketball season starts but its really bad this year. I am even getting a little nostalgic over dead cornfields. Maybe its a sign that this season is going to be a fantastic one for the Irish:-) and...
  11. SouthernIrish

    US map per West Virginia

    My mountaineer son sent me this I grew up in Oprah and Corn land, on the border of Assholisitan :-)
  12. SouthernIrish

    This year's teacher's pet

    I have my Notre Dame "grotto" on a bookshelf behind my desk. Flag, ND clock, pics of me and my kids at ND, leprechaun doll, ND football etc. Just to make things perfectly clear with all these SEC peeps. One of my kids came in today wearing a ND jersey and a very old ND baseball hat. He says...
  13. SouthernIrish

    Woody Hayes was a crazy old coot but

    his hate for Michigan was a thing of beauty:-) Just watched Michigan v Ohio State:The Rivalry on HBO. and I watched because i am that desperate for football.
  14. SouthernIrish

    ATL announcer, Skip Caray, died.

    He was great. Such a homer for the Braves. Joe Nuxhull, now Skip. He was pretty funny, very sarcastic.Once in the 80s, when the Braves were terrible, he said as at the start of the game against the Pirates "And, like lambs to the slaughter, the Braves take the field".
  15. SouthernIrish

    Alabama v Georgia

    My Bama son is transfering to Georgia this fall. We despise the Bulldawgs. Forever. Always. And now I have a kid going there. :sigh: I told him "I will NOT be buying any UGA sweatshirts". So last night his girlfriend dropped off a sweatshirt for me. Its red and in black letters says...
  16. SouthernIrish

    We just watched Remember The Titans for the millionth time

    I. Cannot. WAIT for the season to start
  17. SouthernIrish

    I hate the Yankees

    but I still can't believe they are tearing down Yankee Stadium. That place is Sports Sacred.
  18. SouthernIrish

    "Geezer Rock is a beautiful thing"

    I went to see Tom Petty last night. Steve Winwood opened for him but joined Petty half way through the show. Some of my son's friends were there. They weren't even born when Damn the Torpedoes came out but they loved the show. And if you have never seen Winwood live, do it quick. One of the...
  19. SouthernIrish

    Pay to the order of WVU

    four million dollars. I have always hated Michigan but RichRod going there has taken it to new depths. After reading some articles, I am wondering if the UM admins had things they didn't want to have to testify about, like when the job was actually offered to RR and if there was discussion...
  20. SouthernIrish

    My Alabama fan neighbors are on vacation

    and his grass was getting a little long today, another neighbor went over and mowed ND into his front lawn. its PERFECT :-)