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  • Hope you know I’m just playing. Your shirts aren’t that bad. You just crack me up with your responses. Much respect for the 5 days a week garb.
    Go Irish
    11-0 bro
    I took my post (and your response) down. I had heard those rumors from several people, and one that *might* know, but out of respect for your presence on our board and the fact that you would also know better than most, I removed the speculation.
    Hey man haven’t heard from you in a bit so I assume you are struggling in the storm. Hope all is well. Be careful.
    How was the new Pirates? Worthy of the first three? Or closer to the fourth installment, which was hot hot garbage?
    Good discussion. Oh BTW i bought the KOTOR port for iphone. OMG it is still so good. My wife plays it and hasn't spoken to me for a week. I think she is already on her second game. Appreciate the recommendation. I had no idea it was out.
    LOL. I was about to unload a level 850 environmental engineering curriculum on you.
    Tormenting him is so enjoyable... and deserved. Thanks for all the laughs and great posts!
    Saw your post in the Walking Dead thread. The show kind of goes up and down after season 2. There's some good episodes in there, but there's some real stinkers too, and they'll make you yell at your tv "What are they thinking?!" The end of Season 6 gets real good though, and Season 7 has been pretty decent so far too. Hang in there till you get to Negan.
    Yes you did call me a liar. And I wondered how long it would take you to retaliate. Man, what a package! Good luck!
    Panera is a stuffy upper class liberal joint that rides it's own pretentiousness... at least here in Cali, all the peps you always reference for what makes Cali suck so bad.... They Love them some Panera because everyone else like them also likes Panera, it's culinary group think at it's finest. HATE panera...
    Thanks buddy. I usually stray away from the Politics thread as it becomes more emotional than it should.
    Nobody lied about what you said. In fact, the post that you neg repped was pointing your reploy to what I posted about the attacks on Obama, AND YOU AGREED WITH EACH OF THE ATTACKS ONE BY ONE!! This caused me to talk about your post as another example of the dumb attacks on the President as "more evidence." I don't even know what the hell you are talking about. Your judgement is clouded and you want so much to be right, but you are so far off the path that it is laughable.
    Thanks for your outstanding sense of humor (as always) and your understanding of my little "brain seizures." Sometimes I just can't help myself!
    "It's a sterile, mudless world in which we live."

    In my back yard it's not! Or front yard. Or basement. Or kitchen. Or ...
    I promised myself that would be my next rep comment after whiskey admitted to reading a bunch of rep comments.... :)
    thanks for the reps...can't believe you read that thing....I need to just back away from stuff like that...I get typing and a book comes out...:)
    ACamp being ACamp. He is still good in my book. Plus... he is a closet Bama fan. He just don't want you guys knowing it. LOL
    You are NOT invited to my birthday party.
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