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  • Thanks for the reps. I had fun with that one but I must recognize Irish YJ with an assist for the setup. I'm a life long independent and do enjoy pissing off both sides. That said, I do miss Cack. We disagreed on several things but never disagreeably. But after the election his posts became unhinged. I found it sad. I look forward to his return one of these days when his wounds heal.
    Thanks for the reps. It's a sad state our media is in. It is funny though to see them act so offended when getting called out for it. They brought it on themselves.
    Thanks for the reps brother. Appreciate all the die hards on here and to hell with the pussies
    I very much appreciate that, brother! I probably went a bit too far the past week or so and feel a little bad about tweaking him too much.
    He is absolutely one of my favorites. He could play with anyone but when him and Allen Woody were rolling it was a whole nother level. Have you heard Govt Mule do Cortez the Killer?
    You'll keep your Notre Dame buddies longer if you avoid those threads...the beauty of sharing a football fandom with ND people is they are discerning and very passionate...same is a curse when on the other side of political banter...:)
    Ha, I hate how people love it so much... is that wrong of me? I swear that place lives off of reputation as being 'high end' fast food or something... the quality of the food surely can't explain the success...
    Not sayin' he's not Irish, but I think 1 fan base or the other is going to be PISSED at him sometime in the next 5 months or so. Thanks for reps.
    I’m a DHCP server at a local restaurant. This chick came up and asked me for my address, and I told her she was out of my scope
    Thanks for the reps, at least some one here understands you have to sample the apples before you make the pie.
    Thanks for the reps... and yeah man, that game was incredible. I'm glad this thread just set me off on an hour long ND youtube binge
    negative rep? i just said i didn't really care that much. not once did i say i "hated" clausen. it's not like i don't want him to do well, i'm just not as invested in his NFL future as I have been for other domers.

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