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  • yeah i was hoping to get some creative juices flowing. I saw some real deep shadow box frames at local craft store. was thinking makybe mounting it in there with some othe rsort of ND pictures or tickets. Not positive yet. If i see anything online that catches my eye ill keep you posted.
    Section 25 and 26 row 41 - one pair in each section and about 8 seats apart I believe. $135 face tickets
    Thanks for the kind words in your reps. GO IRISH!!!
    Enjoy the day off bro! Nice to see more of you posting, again!
    Thanks. If he really wants to discuss anything he can hit me up via PM. Especially a hot topic like tha.
    Shaken, stirred and a bit battered, but still standing. Fall is nipping at my heels. The 70 year old, 80 foot tree in my backyard was taken down by a freak storm in June. Had it fallen 60 degrees to the east, I'd have been squashed. A dear friend and ND classmate ('74) passed away Friday or Saturday.

    My son (26) is doing well. He's now a home owner with a solid job and a delightful girlfriend. Enough about me ...

    I hope that you and yours are well.
    Including the post before I was like "Go home you're drunk." Hope all is well.
    Thanks for the reps. Gotta give the Irish a lot of credit however. They are building quality depth there for sure.
    Some recruiting expert on the ND staff. Pretty sure he is a coach
    Are your twins identical or fraternal? My twin sis was #3 and I was #4. I was always a gentleman ... ladies first! My folks had no clue that they were having twins until it happened. Combined we made a healthy 8 lb four oz baby. It also meant that they had four kids in a two bedroom apartment in NYC – and the oldest was only 3 years and 2 weeks old.
    Hey, bud, don't look now but it's really going around.
    Do you have any idea what that post was about?? You know which one.
    I'll race each and every one of those kiddies on their trikes for pink slips ...
    If I rig up a shell to make it look like a Model T with a sound system to emit the appropriate putt-putt-putt sound could I make it through? Does the pie shop have a scoot-thru window?
    Thanks for the reps bro! Keep posting!
    "Having reviewed the other avatars on this page, I'm kicking everybody's ***. Just sayin'" The drawback of course is evey time someone reads your posts, that want to have sex, (do you think most posters know the difference between a person and their avatar.)
    Care to join the“Obtuse knee-jerk Internet homeboys' pseudo-friends network.” Or the OKJIHPFN, for short?
    "LOL Thanks for the rep. At our age, take 'em when you get, use 'em when you do." Dude, you crack me up!

    Hey, wait a minute! Aren't we the same age, within weeks?
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