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  • Thanks for the rep...I really appreciate the time you put in on the master lists, very informative.
    Both Bogs and NDinL.A. were put on "hiatus" until the season starts because of their Hatfield and McCoy dust-ups.
    I was talking about your profile, black dude as you called him... I don't know who Ocean is I guess and it looked like it may be a normal photo... So I asked... :)
    I think you're right about all the 'little fires' going on. I've had this conversation with a professor at ND and we both agree that Kelly doesn't really "love" ND and that he's a career latter climber. He "loves" ND because it means he's reached the top of college football. I just don't think he wants to run a program the way ND traditionally has. Just my take.
    STL, is it you or Philly that is going to Xavier? If its you let me or the Real Lynch 51 know if you have any question I just graduated from there and absolutely loved it. I also have major pull still with the admin. Anyways, good luck.
    Love your blues wife took me to the home opener Saturday for my birthday. Atmosphere was old school awesome! Terasenko is special.
    See you on Bang Bang:

    For some reason we hate UM for trying to flip our recruits but we are trying to flip: Ezekiel Elliott, Doug Randolph, Trey Johnson etc. and no one hates BK for that?

    Nobody hates BK for that because we're ND fans. You obviously don't hate someone helping the side you cheer for. You would hate Durant if he sank a game-winner on your team, because he's hurting the team you cheer for. But if one of your players hit a game winner on him, you'd be pleased with them. Its all part of the game STL. You root for your team, when an opponent does something good for them its bad for you and you boo. When you do something good for you and bad for another team, you cheer. Because youre a fan of the team.

    Not personal just trying to express my view when people bring that point up haha.
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