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  • Yeah... amazing how much it's changed since the 80's when I was there. If I can get back that way I will let you know. Maybe we could meet up. Hoping the Hilltoppers have a good year as always.
    All that BG talk has me a bit homesick. I need to make it back up for a game this fall. Been a little while since I have been on campus.
    I just wanted to make sure that you meant what I thought you did. Believe me, I have stone fingers when it comes to any device smaller than a loaf of bread! But you have been making some really good points lately.
    No problem. Thanks for posting the article. I need to send that to some of my friends & family.
    Thanks for the reps... just couldn't pass up the Bon Jovi reference. And actually two great songs there as well.
    Hahaha yea sure...lay off the weed if you interpret Catholicism to be pro baby killing, pro birth control, and pro homosexuality. Lol.
    ShawneeIrish First of all how do you know people disagreeing with you are not Catholic, second why does it matter if ND has non-Catholic fans (or students and how bout the non-Catholics getting TDs and tackles). One of many things wrong w your post.

    Never said they weren't and no I'm not surprised by the hypocrisy of some Catholics as a lot of them continue to vote for abortion supporting church attacking politicians. Like most liberals unable to fathom another point of view.
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