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    That looked great. Thanks for the link.
    Do you guys blend it? I've often wondered how some get that consistency... mine is just mixed and usually looks something like this ( use pepper flakes too)
    Start from episode 1 and give it at least 3 or 4 episodes to really get a feel for the pod and I promise you won't regret it.
    I haven't bought a zero tolerance yet but have been eyeing the tiger stripe tactical for a while now. They have blemished ones on eBay for about $120, which is a good deal for a knife that you can barely tell has anything wrong. Would love the bayonet some day, though.
    Hey Shake,

    Can you drop me the name of those restaurants over here? I wrote them down but lost the damn paper. It'll be stored here. I really appreciate it!
    Thanks man. Very few days go by when I don't replay the kill in my head. Despite it only being a small doe, the whole experience was amazing. I hope to get something bigger this fall. You get anything on the ground this year?
    Completely missed the reference. But all's good. Just beat Michigan for me. Can't stand the Pillsbury Dough Boy Brady H.
    You bet. I love turkey hunting! They are such hard work, so small, but still somehow worth the effort.

    Did you know, they were nearly our national bird instead of the Bald Eagle?
    Appreciate it! It was a huge pick up. Hopefully the bullpen doesn't blow like last year, because our offense should be SCARY!
    thanks for the reps...I try and not damage them, so most often if they aren't playing soccer, I send them away on Staurdays...:)
    For sure man the longer this goes more I like our chances. Be great to grab a beer and talk ND football
    Thanks brah what I say though? Next time your in green bay lets get a beer
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