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    Check out @CoachSanfordND's Tweet:
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    Eddie Vanderdoes Prayer thread

    Insert your prayer pics here:
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    Just curious how many members don't have a facebook or twitter account? I choose to not have either.
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    Only Once this Year Guys

    Lately we had to feel like this at least 5 times a year. But only once this Year. Let the hurt soak in and Tommorow night lets start focusing in on 2013. GO IRISH!!!!!!!
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    New Rule Needed for CFB

    The play that ended the first half between Duke and Cincinnati needs to be looked at. For those not watching, Duke kicker makes 53 yard field goal but it is disallowed due to the fact that Cincinnati ran an extra guy out there (refs threw a flag). He then missed the 48 yarder. The kicking team...
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    Mayan Calendar

    Damn it........The world is set to end December 21st. This means we don't get to see a championship game. I guess then ND is the champion. The last one EVER!!!!!!!!!!
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    Mountain Biking

    I am wanting to get into mountain biking, I was wondering if anyone here does it. I live in Michigan, so it's not "true" mountain biking. I am 6'4", 250 lbs. I am looking to spend $800 on a 29'er. Any suggestions?
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    Grow Up!

    First, I would like to say I am in no way directing this to any ND players (see Vontaze Burfict).......but.........So sick of all the pampering to these kids nowadays. In my opinion, if you are in college, you are an adult. Kids go to the military, fight and die, that are the same age as these...