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    Long time guy. Hope all is well! Thanks!!!
    Damn. Sorry man. I accidentally sent you a neg rep when I was trying to rep you. Clumsy thumbs. Anyway, I fully agree with your post about this crazy violence in our country. Very disturbing.
    This addition clears up your point much better for me. Thanks. I do not think we are far apart on this. I spent 20 years working in journalism, so first amendment rights are sacred to me. I do not like the methods of these event organizers. They are harassing people and trying to make them react violently and then they want to kill them for doing so. To me, they are causing a big public safety problem. Plus I think the are really dickish.
    Got to spread it around first but this was a rep-worthy post. I should have been a bit more cool headed in my reaction but I was trying to say essentially the same thing ... only worse. :)
    Thanks for the rep. Yeah, the Connery/Jeopardy bit is one of my 3 or 4 all time SNL favorites.
    I saw that you grew up in upstate Ny...I think it said Catskills. I grew up in Geneseo. Got down to Binghamton a lot...my brother was the CEO of United Health Services (Binghamton General). I know that's not quite the Catskills. What town were you from/near? you don't hear a lot about Upstate NY from people outside of New York State.
    thanks RI. Don't get the anger from people because they can't accept that others don't the story that is being forwarded by Zimmerman.
    Now someone changed you to "lone kitty", in my estimation we need to change in back, and pay for the thing that block people for changing it. Let me know, I will spring for it if you choose. I would like to know; who been messin'?
    I am glad. Maybe we should have an IE Patriot Day Party!
    I was going to ask how you were doing. I cannot imagine how tough this would be for this to come home. At least with me it was all far away from my family and friends! I hope you and yours are okay! My prayers go out to all of you. Please, let me know if there is anything I can do, even if it is just a friend to talk to!
    Wow, never thought I would say this about a post on IE but I'm seriously honored by what you wrote in the awards thing - greatly appreciated my friend.
    I do not ever recall interacting with you before about anything, so I'm not specifically trying to pick on you. Which means that, according to you, there have now been multiple instances where something you've said struck me as inappropriate enough for me to say something to you about it. I'm sorry, but that says a heck of a lot more about you than it does me. I don't hold myself out as a moral authority and I don't typically take much offense to things other than stupidity. I certainly don't go around pointing out every single stupid thing that is said here.
    If I had a hundred bucks for every time you sat on some high horse while painting my beliefs and or ideologies as racist, bigoted, homophobic, sexist or just flat out stupid and slack jawed, I would have a pretty good retirement sent aside by now... Funny that I just recently cleared my ignore list and here we are... Live and learn... Have a good day.
    It's all good. There are a bunch of really good people around here. You are one of them.
    Thanks for the reps man. Didn't catch Maddow last night, but I agree that she is the smartest person on TV. She adds historical context and frames her arguments better than anyone in the business. While I'm not a big fan of news slanted either way (Fox right, or MSNBC left), I definately tune in on her show more than most. Keep fighting the good fight brother.
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