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  • Ha, yeah! Thanks for the reps. I doubt those on the other side will appreciate what I did at the end. :)
    Same to you. Good luck the rest of the way. I haven't seen one team, including Clemson and Bama, that doesn't have some major faults this year. The Irish are just as much in the playoff hunt as anyone else.
    Agree brother. I think we have different takes of the same, or are just coming to the same thing from different paths.
    You consider Franken a CapetBagger? Why? He's a Minnesotan (since age four. Sure, he was educated "out East" at Harvard and worked for a while "out East for SNL," but he's a St. Louis Park boy.
    Thanks for the reps and you're welcome to steal all you want! The giraffe & harmonica bit is something my brother & I say constantly about someone who is way out in left field and weird. Stole it from one of those "You have two cows" lists:
    You have two giraffes. The government requires you to take harmonica lessons.
    thanks for the kind words...tried multiple times over the last bit to rep you as well...need to spread it around...you'd think I'd just pay to be a member or whatever...SMH.
    Thank you very much for the kind words & reps, my friend! Voting for that dishonest & corrupt witch just blows my mind.
    There's a few of them out there... I try not to get in the mix, but sometimes the nonsense is too much lol. I think I need to start drinking before I read those threads....
    I'm sure they DO understand it. It just doesn't fit their agenda so they have to twist and turn and jump through all sorts of mental hoops to avoid acknowledging it.
    My mom was a nurse so when I complain about long hours I am often reminded of what she did. Puts it in perspective. Kudos to your wife.
    I could not help myself ... it was just too easy. Seriously though ... that is some BS. I'm all for the most qualified candidate getting any job. My problem is with the candidate's realistic ability to become the most qualified in our society. Waiting until the job is filled to insert "racial justice" is too late. The field needs to be leveled at the start, not at the end. Fairness in education and other opportunities to earn ones' qualifications is where the injustice lies, IMO. Sorry this happened to you. I find this every bit as unjust as not giving the job to a black person because of the color of their skin.
    I am way more awesome in person and much less mouthy. Haha. It would be laughing over beers for sure.
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