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  • Once again you Neg rep me. I hurt your feelings a month ago with a neg rep, and i didn't feel the neg was appropriate. I did It as a child would say Na na, nA nana. I won't do that this time.
    From here on out I'll try to explain my reasoning behind my posts If you ask and don't understand.

    I hope your doing well Mike.
    I posted some research in the Covid thread. I hope I'm wrong Mike. I hope we can trust the powers that be. I may have needed some Italics on that post, but I'm not sorry I worry about things we aren't being told by Our Government.
    Appreciate the kind words and support OMM!
    Long time, no see! It's so good to see you're still kickin'! Hope all is going well. Drop by more often!
    Hi, Mike,
    I also knew a pretty smart guy at ND who flunked out because of an obsession with bridge - twice. But not a Chem major...
    Thanks OMM. It has been pleasant.
    It's my opinion that tax payers shouldn't bear the burden of paying public employee pensions. That's not lambasting anyone or any profession - it's merely an opinion.

    Working hard, being Irish or having high testosterone levels doesn't excuse personal attacks. Emotion can get the best of anyone but personally attacking posters for opinions is something I think we should all try to avoid if possible.

    I appreciate your hard work, dedication to your profession and I hope you enjoy your retirement.
    I appreciate your hard work. My significant other was a teacher and I saw how hard she worked to make a difference. I don't take issue with tax dollars being used to pay teachers a high wage and provide benefits while they're working. But I disagree that society should have to fund their retirement (or any public employees retirement). I respect that you disagree and neg repped me to show disapproval but am disappointed you personally attacked me as well. I know you're better than that, OMM.
    Maybe we will, but I am not very optimistic about it!
    Haha, amen. I was trying to be nice, but I think IE will be more enjoyable for the next several months.
    How you doing? Today a good day for you?
    I mean, you used to work there. I'd ask anyways and maybe they'll let you check it out. Maybe it's like U-turns. They're illegal, but they only say that so everyone's not always using them. They don't care if a few people do on a daily basis. Good luck!
    Not sure if you noticed, but I asked Eric Hansen in the chat about open practices this week, and he said there closed off. I posted his repsonse in the spring practice thread.
    Look at this kid, he has a profile with tape and tell me what you think, if you please : '15 GA OT Bailey Sharp.
    I appreciate your incredibly kind words, and hope you know those sentiments are mutual.
    Happy New Year! Hope all is well and that this finds you warm and dry! Don't be a stranger!
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