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    Thanks bud. Took a little break after the season but was actually excited to see some football even if it's a spring game. I will be excited by the time season finally gets here. I expect the Irish to turn the page and put up a better than average year. My Tide... they are a year away from making that run again.
    Sorry, I haven't been around much lately. But I wanted to get back to the rep you gave me a while ago. Thanks! I get tired of people talking without thinking. Seems to be more of that than ever! As far as winning, I don't think so! Guys like you and me, we just don't go down to that!
    Thanks for the reps and comments. I am not a LK fan but the risk/reward is there. All or nothing. Man... I don't know about BK. He seems to be getting worse each game. I always thought he was a good coach... but not in that top 10 coach category. But geez... gotta be tough seeing this year play out.
    Thanks for the rep's!! GO IRISH
    Thanks dude. Yeah so far so good. No significant damage. Y'all went right? How is Camden fziring? I got family in Florence and.they were just starting to get flooding earlier today.
    Thanks for the kind words man, I grew up a little bit and this board has helped me mature and showed me what it's all about. God bless
    Kudos to your wife trying to make a difference. I just can't stand excuses from those who refuse to help themselves.
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