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  • I just saw this, and I'm sure I was just being an Idiot that drank a bit much. I take things too personally at times. Been working on It as a resolution tho.
    Happy New Year Brother.
    Doing great pal. You stay away from that ledge. Some of these people are absolutely ridiculous. Some of these people must live in a world of shit and misery. I just don't get it. But oh well. Man if I don't get the chance have a great Thanksgiving. Have a tall chilly for Ol 31.
    That quite possibly could be one of the funniest things I’ve read on here. Thanks for the reps and the laugh.
    going great here. it's a tale of two seasons, and the second starts in two days. Always a little skiddish about Navy games, but I think we'll be more than fine this year. Just praying our OL can improve and gel before the stakes get high! Go Irish!!
    Here’s to hoping! All is well, and I appreciate the wishes! I hope the same for you! WE ARE!
    I hope you're right, but all good things come to an end. May be 10 years from now or it might be next season. I'm just enjoying it while it lasts. You guys are definitely on the upswing and have yourselves a good team this year. Good luck to your boys this year. They look good.
    Thanks for the reps. These players are kids and I was almost there once playing hockey. It's a tough gig and certainly not for everyone. I learned many years ago that for reasons beyond basic comprehension, the best players rarely advance. Lots going on "under the water". Cheers and Go Irish!!

    P.S. - Regardless of the rules/politics, I would have never advanced!!
    I like Hairball myself because of his time with the Colts, but most places that don't have a connection to him, unlike Michigan, or Stanford, don't give all that much credit.
    Thanks for the reps. Happy New Year to you... great win today and great start for The Irish. Cheers!
    You are welcome. We all are frustrated lol. I love both ND and IU so the frustration is weird for me regarding that game. Glad to see IU finally getting something together, mad that ND climbed and then stumbled. Great job in making amends! Too many pissing matches on this board already. Folks need to realize sometimes that we all love ND, and to take a breath once in a while.
    Thanks for the reps, and welcome to IE.
    Hey, Crusader's a good guy and provides a lot of good stuff. You might want to send him a PM and make up. Think he was just frustrated with folks doing a chicken little after every loss (which you were not). There are jerks on the board, but he's not one of them. All of us have our times though lol.
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