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    Damn sorry I didn't have more to say you about your dad my brotha when he passed.

    I pray you have found peace and healing.
    hey man post how you feel as long as it's not breaking the rules man. i mean it's a message board how confusing can it get
    thanks. Positive feedback from a veteran is appreciated.

    A question if you don't mind ...

    I often will use the topic line to start my response and then I finish it in the text box. I have done this on other boards without issue. However, Irishin Syria has a problem with it (it is confusing he says). What do you think?
    thanks for the beer i will get u back when i get some$ get back at me when high school f ball kicks off would like some updates on teams that way. can pass u info of the ongoings down here also
    my son went to randell godfrey's football camp. had jay ratliff there and he said to the kids that bill parcells said the same thing. it is a hot bed of talent. peach co is up around atl right?

    I was wondering if you know who started irishenvy.com? I'm a 17 year old kid applying to ND, and I'm creating my own domain name for a political forum I've ran for about a year. And since they obviously did quite the job in creating irishenvy.com, I'd like to contact the people who started this and see if they could help me out.

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