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  • had same screen name over there....ND NYC....I lurked more than post.
    it was a purplish blue background with (I think) yellow (or white) letters.
    I think most of the posters went over to the site domer domain when it all went to pot over at ndfans.
    What was your name on that site? I was there up until it was hacked in 2011. After the hack it was over. Whoever ran the site didn't bother to clean it up, not sure they were really around much. I think Sir John did have Jesus or something religious in his avatar, I do remember him discussing religion at times too. I thought it might have been a Saint though, it's been too long. Wish I could remember more people from there...other than Sir John and Denson, the only person I know for sure posted over there was Lep with all of his pictures...RIP.
    Sir John....was he the one that had a Saint for an Avatar? I think it was a Saint anyway. Did he talk quite a bit about religion? I don't remember a whole lot about the site. I remember NDFans being a mostly Navy backdrop/background, there weren't many active posters left at the end. I was one, there were maybe several others. Can't say I remember a lot of people that were there at the end, but I remember Autry Denson posting there and confirming it was him.
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