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    Sept 3 | Ohio State

    Yes, this used to be the norm 15-20 years ago. I've seen families with little kids get cursed out and beer cans thrown at them on high street in those days. In fact, you couldn't leave anything on your car that indicated you were rooting for the opposing team. Things have been cleaned up...
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    Nov 27 | Stanford

    Houston Griffith sighting. Negative as usual.
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    Nov 27 | Stanford

    everyone goes for his legs. Stiff arm would only work if he had a 3rd arm between his legs. I mean…it’s possible?
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    Nov 27 | Stanford

    I was under the impression that Polian was an excellent recruiter during his firs stop at ND. Is this still the case?
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    Nov 27 | Stanford

    Has anyone mentioned that FOX seems to have a boner for ND over the course of this broadcast?
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    Nov 13 | Virginia

    Who the curly blonde on NDs sideline that I always see talking to Brian Kelly and other players??
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    Oct 9 | Virginia Tech

    I just don’t get this team right now
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    Sept 18 | Purdue
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    Sept 5 | Florida State

    Did anyone else hear the guy in the front row yell “fu%* Joe Biden” clear as day? Even when you watch college sports you can’t get away from politics.
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    Terrelle Pryor exposed...

    Found these pictures of Terrelle Pryor from a friend. Apparently he was partying the night of the OSU-Iowa victory at The Little Bar in Columbus (21 and up bar). Not sure what to make of it really. I think we just all need something to distract us from the "who's the new coach" threads...
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    Brandon Spikes Eye Gouge

    YouTube - Florida Gators Brandon Spikes gouging Gerogia runing back's eyes A coworker showed me this today. Will somebody complain? Will the SEC investigate? Will there be any suspensions? That's a dirty freakin play and entirely unacceptable. <object width="445" height="364"><param...
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    Notre Dame Japan Bowl

    As most of you already know, Notre Dame will be putting together a team of "legends" to compete in a one time only football game with Japan's finest on July 25, 2009 in Tokyo. Head Coach for Notre Dame will be Lou Holtz. The complete squad will be announced on April 19th. Notre Dame Japan...
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    ND vs. Washington Poll Question

    Will Tyrone Willingham be the head coach at Washington when they play Notre Dame? 2005 Record 2-9 Conference (1-7) 2006 Record 5-7 (3-6) 2007 Record 4-9 (2-7) Currently Washington is 0-5 with upcoming games against Oregon State, Notre Dame, USC, ASU, UCLA, Washington State and Cal. I predict...
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    BUY or SELL

    Here's an idea for all of you fans that are bored to death during this slow period. Let's play "Buy or Sell" A memberwill pose a question about notre dame football and other members will respond by posting "buy" or "sell". Please give a brief explanation as to why you chose buy or sell. Then...
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    Notre Dame Sports Montage

    Came across the website today and a video opened up right away showing a great montage of Notre Dame athletics in action. It gave me chills, I think you'll like it! NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH, The Official Athletic Site