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  • Hey Man!

    Thought you'd get a hoot that I'm sitting at a bar in Eugene Oregon with the Ducks D Coordinator on one side and the brother of ND's Women's LaCrosse goalie.

    As soon as he told me who his sis was, I thought of you.

    Go Irish!
    When you bought the server, did you reference the minimum specs vBulletin required? Typically web sites are more cpu intensive than memory usage. Data storage and how it's formatted can cause DB response issues as well.
    Hello, I am SpeedsterX, an Admin for DomerDomain. One of our shred members is having problems with his log in here and cannot contact anyone. Could you please give me an email so he can contact you to help with his problem here at IE? Thanks!
    Good morning. I was wondering if you could show me how to start a new topic. Usually there is a start new topic tab or something. Thanks.
    Thanks for the Reps. We should all focus on increasing voter participation. I appreciate your thoughtbul contributions.
    You left Steyr off the new poll ... not that there is a groundswell of support for him, but it appears he's the only candidate left who was not listed.
    Thanks for the rep and info. Just going off of what has been posted, it was hard for me to imagine there wouldn't be any changes.
    Thanks for the reps, Lax. I don't think they can win with Pence, either, but Trump is the cement shoes that'll hold them under and make them drown. Pence may be even more unelectable than Trump, but at least with him they have a room try to separate themselves from Trump before there is permanent damage.
    These dudes are eaten up with delusion. If we said the sky was blue they'd say its bullshit.
    i think i broke the thread fiddling with the code. i swapped out the FB url in a youtube vid code and it froze the thread for me. it looks like it did try to pull the vid though, but said FB refused to connect.
    Thanks fo the reps. More importantly, thanks for your posts and contributions to the site.
    Thanks for the reps. Amazing how this has played out exactly like Nike expected.
    Was on my phone so I couldn't add a reason for the reps, but just wanted to say thank for responding to my post. And if what you said is true, then I'm proud of how ND handled the situation and wish some of these writers didn't misreport it because I seriously thought that what was being said was garbage if we were stringing the kid along.
    In case you're wondering who the random dude is on Twitter that tweets you every now and again, that's me lol
    LAX, Do you know anything about Garnsey? Totally shocked to see him going. Grades? Hates offense? Didn't like injury treatment?
    A question I got today from a client/ARCH who wants a three sided glass curtainwall at the head of a atrium that is 34 feet wide and 45 feet tall with two10 foot wide wing walls....."Why do I need structual steel for this?"

    First of all we are in a Seismic design category D with F class soils and a hurricane prone region. Hmmmmm

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