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  • Hey IB, I will check it out. Thanks for doing this and thinking of me, I will pass the link around.
    Cool stuff! I'm not a big music guy, but it sounds well done. I like the Irish twist!
    I look forward to hearing it. You should know that I''m a bit of an Old Fogey – that my preference for The Grateful Dead over P Diddy categorizes me as a card carrying fuddy duddy is disturbing to me.

    I satirize myself as a "blue haired" "traditionalist" but was at ND (and supported vigorously) the most significant break from tradition that has occurred. The school went co-ed!

    I only wish that the Victory March lines,
    "While her loyal sons are marching
    Onward to victory."
    reflected the change.

    I'm not a musician or mathematician, but feel that
    "While her loyal sons and daughters
    March on to victory."
    would retain the meter and better serve the reality.
    I've been told, many times by many internet posters, friends and family members, that I talk too much. When I disagree and/or protest, I'm inundated with a tsunami of "Shut The Fuck Up." Ergo, believe it or not, I try to constrain myself. Yes, me likey.
    Congrats man! Kid sounds adorable. What'd ya name him? Thanks! Grandpa's little tripod.
    Thanks for the rep. We used to play a game creating the absurd with words. You may have been the only one that noticed. Have a great weekend!
    Thanks for reps. I can't believe people actually thought our new shoes were black and white. hey guys, they are simply for size, my Lord!
    Well, I stayed inside my house, heated to a toasty 62 degrees. It's funny how 62 is welcomed in the heat of summer and spurned in the cold of winter. Sweatshirts and sweaters come in handy. Pans of water on top of the radiators keep my nose from bleeding due to the dry air.

    I'm not retired, per se, but I might as well be. There's more to the story but it's boring. Lets leave it at I'm at the bottom of the bell curve of income for "40 year" graduates of ND.
    I don't think that I bothered with the thread much so I must have missed it. Now that I've thawed (it's been above zero for a week and a half) I'm doing OK. Thinking of selling the house to return to FL (shudder!) to be closer to siblings and a couple of cousins.

    How you doin'?
    I usually only poke at those who tend to "get it," so count yourself lucky. Sometimes I guess wrong and incur a bit of wrath, but what the hell. I have a bit of fun and may even get some to take a moment to proofread and reflect before pressing "Enter."

    Were I to parse and deconstruct/reconstruct each and every post I'd get no sleep.

    Rock On! Go Irish!
    Thanks for the reps. i saw that you found the name though. sorry shazam wasn't helping
    very true my man. i think the coaches realize "it's broke" and have taken to correct precautions. but, to say "what if we go down by 24, then what?" isnt a good question in this scenarios because that would imply the D is not doign their job not the potential ineffectiveness of the starting QB. ya know?
    You will definitely have plenty of dialogue with that one then, worst combo of stupidity, outspokenness, and hostility on the board. But I told you that already... Lol
    Hmmmm....sorry. I'll go back and re-read it. In these days it is difficult to determine reasonable sarcasm from crazed insanity by some of these clowns. I know my rep-power is pretty stiff, so I'll make it up somewhere.
    Thanks again. I write things like that sometimes just to give some wayward jerk another chance to grow up. It usually doesn't seem to work, but at least I've then tried.
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