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  • Hey I think your PMs are full so I can’t send details about the UNC tickets. If you’re still interested shoot me a message once you clear those out.
    Couldn’t agree more. Dude is a douche canoe. Can’t wait until he’s back in 5 days. Should be in full shit head node by gametime.
    I appreciate hanging onto me in the clan as long as you guys did. I know I was shitty about getting my attacks done before war's end, especially when wars first came about. I tried to get them in if it was a close war, but I admittedly blew it today. Had hogs and loons cooked up actually, but got busy with kids Trick or Treating tonight and forgot all about it. I feel like I just want to raid for now and take a break from doing any kind of warring, so I'll probably just hang out in Shake's clan for a bit. I do appreciate you guys hanging onto me as long as you did, it was nice being about to chat with the IE brethren while I played.
    You want to make the Raiders pick in the mock draft? Tired of waiting.
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