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  • Hey I'm bfanlc and am new and wanted to introduce myself. Also have a question....I'm looking for a radio broadcast of the BCS game. Anyone know where I can find it at?
    Can you please tell me how to make a new topic post? Im new and it won't let me. Says I dont have permission for some reason...Thank you
    I am really glad I found this site. I am going to enjoy wearing ND apparel when I go to work tomorrow after all the hateful comments made by ND haters last Friday.
    I am looking for the white 1/4 Brian Kelly Adidas sideline Irish jacket but have been unable to find one. Can anyone help me.
    Irish fans you'll love and respect Brian Kelly. He came from a solid playing background at Assumption (MA) College. A great Eastern Catholic college in the Northeast 10 conference. His coaching career is nearly impeccable.
    thank you, glad to be here, GO IRISH!!!
    Thank you for the welcome. Having been an Irish fan for about 70 years I look forward to meeting others with a genuine respect and feel for not only the football team but the academia achievements as well. Although I know the drawing to this site is due to the football team.
    Go Irish
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