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    Oregon State getting more votes than the Irish?

    Beavs defender here: my wife, my brothers-in-law, many of my coworkers, and many of my friends went to OSU. They're a really fun team to root for (even if their recent bits of success are outliers, as they typically suck) and the fanbase writ large is wonderful. Corvallis is an awesome college...
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    2023 - State of the Recruiting Class

    I mean this is an overreaction. ESPN FPI has us at 91% chance to win 10 games. Even after a game as miserable as that we're not looking at 2-10 or anything. Honestly, the new over-under on our regular season should probably be 7.
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    '21 IL QB JJ McCarthy (Michigan Verbal)

    Yep. This has been a long time coming. Sure seems like a massive misevaluation.
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    '18 CA OT Jarrett Patterson (Notre Dame Signee)

    I’d like him for UNC, please. And some snaps in the cal game to get into game shape.
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    College Football Playoff Expansion?

    Because being off isn’t always an advantage! Sometimes it helps and sometimes it hurts. If ND scheduled 12 bye weeks no one would say “genius - guaranteed playoff berth.” Playing a game has just as much chance of helping you as hurting you. Ask 2014 OSU if they wish they had a bye during the CCG.
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    College Football Playoff Expansion?

    Absolutely! Conferences are made up TV arrangements. If two teams are 11-1, why should I care if Team A is in a TV contract with a 12-0 team while Team B isn’t? If TCU has a worse resume than Georgia but Georgia has a worse resume than Alabama, that doesn’t make TCU more deserving than Georgia.
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    College Football Playoff Expansion?

    Okay same situation but ND is ranked #16. Heck yes I want a shot at OSU. My overriding point here is that not playing a CCG helps sometimes and hurts sometimes, just like if we played a CCG. It’s just absolutely not an advantage to skip the CCG overall. Some years it helps, some years it hurts...
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    College Football Playoff Expansion?

    I don’t think this is true at all. Could absolutely see #3 Oregon losing to #16 ASU then making it as a 10 seed. And I saw how Swarbrick said the two situations are similar but disagree with him strongly. And the #12 team is absolutely not going to be a pushover/ tuneup game. It will be like a...
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    College Football Playoff Expansion?

    I’d rather play Northwestern or Pitt, and still get a mulligan if I lose that game, than play an 11-2 Utah team and be out if I lose. Definitely.
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    College Football Playoff Expansion?

    I’ve seen a ton of people say this and it’s a false equivalency. Lots of teams that lose the CCG will make the playoff, while if we lose in the first round we’re out. If there was a rule that every conference championship game loser is disqualified from the playoff, then it would be even.
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    Brian Kelly to LSU, per report

    Would 10x rather the journalists covering ND not be fans. Don't sugarcoat anything, don't be glass half full, just tell me the straight, unbiased, truth.
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    '23 FL DE Keon Keeley (Offer)

    My Father-in-law is a Nebraska grad and the readjustment of expectations he's had to go through from "expect to win the Natty any given year" to "maybe we can beat Northwestern if our QB plays better" is bone chilling.
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    '23 MO RB Jeremiyah Love (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Fong with the CB and a story quoting the dad as "ND is #1, but A&M is on their heels". Fong has a 98% hit rate on 2023 kids, so you gotta feel good about this.
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    '23 MO RB Jeremiyah Love (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Clemsons rankings in the four years before their first title were: 20, 15, 16, 9. ND can ABSOLUTELY win a national championship if they're in the top 10 every year. They would need a generational QB though. If they want to win a natty with a Stetson Bennet type at QB, then yeah they need to be...
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    '23 MO RB Jeremiyah Love (Notre Dame Verbal)

    This is almost undoubtedly going to be our best recruiting class since 2008 why are you using past tense lol