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  • Have you seen the movie Identity? I was hoping we’d see something along those lines. Jake would figure out that his imaginary girlfriend wasn’t into him and in doing so, he’d realize that he can’t even have nice things in his own imagination. This would cause him to become angry or violent towards other characters. And that would be the ending. Him killing his GF or other characters.
    That rep was supposed to be a full bible verse from the book of Reesus, but I fat-fingered the enter button. Just use your imagination for the rest.
    We're all Tennessee fans today. Praying for the families affected by the tornados. Glad to hear you are ok.
    Thanks bud. You guys will get it done Sat against NW. And I think you win out and make the playoffs. Good luck the rest of the way.
    Ironic how? I never said anything about anyone negging me. I simply argued my side of my post. Is this that difficult to understand, snowflake?
    Thanks for the congrats. And congrats back at you!
    Look at the state of the white working class in Appalachia. I think that's a fair indicator for what the majority of Americans can look forward to if current trends hold. Elites need to feel responsible for the people they govern and employ; one of the chief evils of liberalism is that it allows them to wash their hands of that responsibility. And the lower class, like orphans, sinks into despair and self-destruction.
    Thanks for the reps! We are all doing well - hope you are too. Need to figure out another game to go to together.
    I figured, just had to make sure :).
    Thanks for the rep. It definitely was, and so was his response to me. Picking a fight with him is board suicide. Bottom line: I didn't care for it.
    It was amazing. I loved pretty much all of his books, especially the older ones like Congo and Andromeda Strain. I think Lost World was the last of his I read. Basically, everything in JP is the kind of stuff I like. Thanks for reps, man.
    Only so much stupid shit I can address in a halfway serious manner. Thanks for reps!
    Avoiding buying the unlimited reps feature, eh? I caved because I like being able to hand out as many reps as I want and letting people know I appreciate their post, even if they hold little value.
    Unless it has changed, that is the case. HOWEVER, it takes a lot. I mean a lot. Like, there have been some outwardly hated posters on here that had full red bars and were still able to post before a mod knocked them out.
    Lol. Yall are on your own. I am going camping.
    What'd you think of the Georiga vs. Tennessee crowd noise compared to ND vs UM?
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