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    I'm Back

    Greetings IrishEnvy family! After a three-month layoff, I am back on my favorite website in the world. I had some serious medical issues and have been in recovery these past three months, and over the last couple weeks have finally been getting back to my old life. I have been out of the loop...
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    possible transfer?

    Irish Illustrated is posting something about a possible transfer. I thought we didn't take transfers, and if we do now, anyone know who the kid is? And merry Christmas guys!
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    Golden Tate's meeting with Weis

    Besides being overly impatient on our coaching search, I am curious as to what the status is on Tate and his decision to stay in school or enter the draft. He was supposed to meet with Weis yesterday, and I want to know if that happened and if anyone knows what was said between the two. I don't...
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    Post BC-ND game question - a week late I know

    After looking at a post by devolg and his media stream, I was curious as to who it was Clausen talked to after the BC game and what that little tift was about. Clausen went to shake his hand, he didn't shake his, Clausen turned his back and walked away. Anyone know what happened?
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    I'm here boys!!

    So I am in Chicago now and will be in South Bend on Saturday. I'd love to meet some of you guys if you're going. Let me know and we will figure out the details later.
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    Defensive stats?

    Where can I see individual defensive stats, for the season and game by game? Thanks.
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    Who's going to the SC-ND game?

    My flight is booked, my hotel as well, and the booze is being chilled as we speak. Who else is going to what I feel is going to be a great game? In fact, I even made a horrible bet in my sheer excitement over it. Anyways, just wanted to see which of my IE brothers will be there. We should...
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    I missed you guys

    I just got back into LA from Notre Dame last night, after being in South Bend for the last few days for the graduation, and boy am I glad to be back talking about football and not watching all types of fanatics protesting and cops arresting and all the other hoopla that had nothing to do with a...
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    Can someone please explain to me

    why we are offering so many rbs this year? We have offered Marcus Lattimore, Corey Brown, Giovanni Bernard, Anthony Barr(he can play multiple positions though), and are close to offering Jordon James as well. I completely understand going for one guy we really want, but I would say we are...
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    QB recruits currently offered?

    I read on Irish Illustrated that Notre Dame has or is about to offer a fourth quarterback. Who are the other two recruits being offered other than Heaps and Gardiner?
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    Getting To Know Each Other Survey

    Gender: Male Age: 24 State: California Education: College grad Profession: Magazine Editor Favorite color: Blue and Gold Fav ND O player: Tony Rice Fav ND D player: Justin Tuck First ND game attended: 2003 USC ND Who cares we lost Favorite Current Player: Golden Tate/Kyle McCarthy
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    Why USC should be worried

    At the beginning of this recruiting season, USC had commitments from (per Rivals) the #1 TE,#1 QB, and #1 ATH. They also had secured commitments from four of the top 50 WR's in nation. I began to think that things were beginning to go back to normal and that USC was putting their clamps down...