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    Hope all is well, welcome back.
    Should be bringing a solid stash of Zombie Dust back to Indy after Christmas. I have about 2 cases right now. Let me know if you are interested, and I'll slide a few sixers your way.
    "showing you" wasn't the goal. I just remember reading something about it a couple weeks ago. I actually think his NBA agent license is still in limbo as his shares of the Nets have to be approved for sale by the league. A mere formaility. Thanks for the reps
    I died in a grease fire.

    After I had Clash ban me, I decided to take a break. Just needed to step away from the keyboard. Thanks for checking in though, brother.
    I actually got repped more for suggesting that women's suffrage was the reason why Golson had to leave school.
    Remember, I love you and all you do. I wasn't talking about me. I was in fact saying that you could heap it all on me if the flame got to hot, bexause I notice a new poster that spoke his mind, and is now getting branded a troll. I don't think he is (a troll). Other than that everything is pizza!
    Why would you start a thread like overrated at this time of year. A load of ammonium nitrate, kerosene and a match. I know, throw the vote and give me the award and be done with it. In honesty, this was not brilliant because some people will figure you want them to actually tell the truth, and you and I know, the ones that need to hear it the worst cannot handle the truth!
    Thanks for all the good updates! Now I gotta go do this for Ironman too. You guys make this recruiting thing very easy to follow!
    Golden, I didn't see a thread for 2014 RB Leonard Fournette, according to rivals we offered (finally). Kid's numbers are totally legit sub 4.4 at 6'1 225. Has been a man child down here since he was a frosh. Could potentially break the Louisiana all time rushing record this year, ran for 2600 yards and 29 TDs soph yr. Has over 105 offers and St. Augustine in New Orleans has sent kids to ND in the past not just for football. I figured there was a reason we hadn't offered, but now we have, thought you might want to make a thread. Thanks in advance.
    Thanks for the reps. We had a play that some of our wr's struggled with the option on the route. Our coach started saying that to us to help make the right decision.
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