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    Reasons to Respect MSU and move the game date

    The following, from a MSU grad, is the antithesis of the reasons to HATE scUM that I posted last week. While we can't 'like' an opponent, MSU does deserve respect, unlike scUM. That being said, I'd still love to see CW&Co lay about 60 on them to remind them not to plant that flag AGAIN EVER...
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    Reasons to hate Michigan (long)

    This is an annual reminder of the roots of some of the animosity that has grown over the years between the two schools and why any self-respecting ND fan, can and SHOULD NEVER EVER root for or respect scUM.: (props to ndoldtown) Notre Dame and Michigan - A History It is well this week to...
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    GTech POed about ABCs snub of their 'traditions'

    Funny tho, they're POed AT ND. Curious, as the game is NOT being broadcast on the Notre Dame Broadcasting Company (aka NBC). At any rate, their team, fans, etc. are talking A LOT of smack. As one great TV star uttered, "I think your mouth's writing checks your body can't cash"...
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    New Skunkbear fightsong

    While the ND / scUM game is still about a month away. It's never too early to learn the ('proper way to sing') the opponents fight song, especially when they play it nearly as much as the bore-ass "Fight On" from USC. HAIL TO THE LLLOSERS ESPN says we're best; ABC frowns on the rest. Hail...
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    Italian National Team Training Video

    Actually, I think the Portugese coach copied it and then perfected it...
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    Is there any restraint at the Swoosh?

    First, we have the hideous Quackers unis with faux steel plating, now you customize your own 'under armour'.....
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    Lindy's Likes Us -- Ranks ND #1

    Wake up the echoes -- the Irish are No. 1 By The Editorial Staff Posted: 05/23/2006 The "gone is the glory" talk of 2004 gave way to an entirely different spin in 2005: Notre Dame isn't out-of-touch with modern college football, its academic standards aren't too high, and you can recruit the...
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    Big Interger/Televen Network?

    Notebook: Pioneering spirit of MWC could start trend May 23, 2006 By Dennis Dodd CBS Senior Writer Tell Dennis your opinion! Craig Thompson wants you to be able to watch Air Force football from your phone. Check the San Diego State score while eating your corn flakes...
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    Think Munir is ready??? (and CW is smiling??)
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    BQ vs the Dancer.....just call me 'slappy'

    Quinn has the tools to survive media hype By Pat Forde SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- It's come to this for Brady Quinn: He was trying to move out of his dorm room in Dillon Hall at semester's end when he discovered 50 or 60 footballs piled up outside his door, all with notes from the...
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    Great article on MoSto and his mom
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    Ogelsby to the Cheeseheads

    per Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Score another one for Coach Bret Bielema and the Wisconsin Badgers. A big one. St. Francis High School offensive tackle Josh Oglesby, considered to be one of the state's top two prep football recruits from the class of 2007, has made a verbal commitment to...
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    Another way to pummel EsPN.... The short descriptions of the 'catch phrases' are truly classic
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    scUM kinesiology major perhaps???

    The following was recently emailed to the ND Nation board....Maison/VValient this can't be you, as you both write better and present logical, coherent thoughts, even though they're almost always wrong....that being said, here it is, uncut: From: Subject: In Re Brady!..Brady of...
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    Getting To Know Each Other Survey

    Name? Sean Age? 33 Location? Jersey Shore/NYC Married? no Kids? no Favorite Current Irish Coaches? CDub / Mendoza Favorite Current Irish Player? Zibby Favorite All-Time Irish Coach? Ara Favorite All-Time Irish Player? Rocket Fan, Student or Alumni? Alum, '95 Season Ticket Holder? Not yet...