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  • LOL! Thanks for the reps. I don't know whether to laugh at the loopy parents doing this or just feel incredibly sad for their kids.
    I had a legit point to make on that but couldn't hold back my dark sarcasm for the full two sentences it would have took to make said point....
    Did we become best friends just now ? :)
    Thanks for the reps, brother. I'm having a lot of fun posing questions to them that they can't answer without admitting their hypocrisy and disassociation with reality. :)
    Easy, Iocaine powder comes from the south of Australia, which besides being a colony for criminals was a destination of Phoenician Sailors, And where did those Phoenician sailors stop on their return voyage to trade their goods? Sicily, of course! It is nothing for a man of reason . . .
    Thanks for the reps. If I would have posted it in that thread I probably would have been enemy #1.
    LOL... tough loss on Barnett but you guys will be fine. Still got a couple of solid QBs behind EG.
    Thanks for standing up to the Globull Warming nutters.

    Thankfully, many Americans are aware of their lies and ignore most of their fear mongering nonsense.
    Rather than being intentionally dismissive and quite clearly having not read the report, you should read it and then make comments. People might take your commentary more seriously. It is an honest report and I posted it for people curious about it to read. If you are not that is fine, just keep it to your self or put me on ignore.
    You have won the internet today.
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