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    Thanks for the posting. I am learning so much from you guys. Sorry, I forgot to rep you. Was in a hurry. Will get that done!
    I drive by the facility every time I travel to Texas... one of these years the trip will correspond with Spring Training........ :)
    "We're all good! It really just looked like you called me an as$wipe for calling that other guy gullible. Maybe what I said was really an as$wipe thing to say. I meant no harm... just trying to be funny!" Have you noticed how crazy this off season is getting? I think all of us need a good spring game and a good Junior Day weekend, or a vacation! lol.
    Dude, we are okay, aren't we? I was just kidding you back, what do you think, I am gullible?
    I accept your kind offer. But frankly I don't even know what "friendship" is supposed to mean on a site like this. Just like I don't know what vbucks really are any good for, nor how to put a picture into a post. That should tell you all you need to know about my generation.
    A Message in a bottle from a deer: "Bubba and GoIrish!!! were also super. No1Irishfan too. Please say hi to them in private for me."
    yess'r, I'm his brother.

    Thanks Bubba - I've been keeping an eye on the board for a while, but just decided to join up.
    Hey bro, I just shared an elevator with Channing Crowder and Ernest Graham. I got Channings autograph and he seemed like a pretty cool guy. Just thought id let ya know.
    hey thanks for the rep points. I'm not a Raider fan, but how can i not support any ND alum.
    woah sorry for the late response but nahh we lost our starting runningback got into a little controversy and wasnt alloud to play.
    I'm a third year Political Science major with the hopes of attending law school after graduation.
    Kênh du l?ch Hu? noi cung c?p thông tin v? du lich Hue, thông tin xe open tour ? Hu?, xe Hue Da Nang, du lich ba na
    AZ Irish, thanks for always having my back here, I appreciate it. I am so pumped for the 2008 season to finally kickoff.
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