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  • You negged me for that comment in the Cleveland thread when I think you meant to rep me. I wont hold it against ya lol.
    Amen! Here is to it! Will work on the reps for good posts thing.
    Thanks for the reps. Recruiting is like an ex girlfriend. You don't want to look but just can't help yourself most of the time. Oh... what could have been. LOL
    Yeah. Either GoIrish read it as "pile" or he was slyly being Word Game savvy to redirect. He jumped in before I could post "jeté."
    Haven't been on this site in a while, trying to get update if the 4 may get reinstated
    Hey Brian. You were 50% right. My wife grew up in Sullivan County, about an hour south of Binghamton. But I do know the area decently well, because I've been going up there for years. She went to college in Ithaca and she has family in Syracuse, so I've been out near you a couple times but never quite all the way to Geneseo. Stay warm up there, man!
    Bogs and NDinL.A. have both been given a "time-out" till the season starts due to the ongoing Hatfields and Mcoys feud they've had going. That's all I'll say.
    So tell me about your daughters dancing, and what you learned about arms stiff at the side, then we can compare!
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