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  • Very nice. I have never really hunted the midwest. It would be a whole different world for me, a spot and stalk hunter. I've never been hog hunting, but I hear it is awesome. My family does bow hunt Javelina, but I have never been myself. We have a hog epidemic going here in FL (here for school) as well. Do you pig hunt with dogs? I have a 7mo old Dogo Argentino, she's not going to be used for it I don't think but she is a premier hog/cougar breed.
    Nice! What were you shooting? I miss hunting bad man, I grew up with a rifle in my hands. Because of out of state school for almost 7years I haven't been able to go though. Sad.

    TX is known for some monster mulies. Ever do any deer hunting?
    Oh yeah, although my hunting has been cut way back since I moved to FL. Hogs are about the onlything worth hunting done here, although I believe a gator hunt may be in my near future. What do you hunt with, bow, rifle...knife?
    I have this infatuation with all things the girls...the music...and I LOVE FOOTBALL and it's religious to them! I'm a Big 12 guy for all TEXAS schools...and I follow UTEP real heavy too...GO MINERS! haha Someday I'll live there. haha
    I'm big into Casey Donahew and Radney Foster at the moment....some Jason Boland and the Stragglers too
    I discovered Red Dirt via Pandora and haven't looked back...I keep spreading it to all my friends up here in Pennsylvania...
    I would LOVE to live in TX
    I am looking to buy a new TV for the upcoming Notre Dame season and remembered a previous post of yours offing advise on TVs and I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the list of TVs I have been researching?

    Samsung LN52A650
    Sony KDL-52W4100

    Panasonic Viera TH-50PZ800U
    Panasonic Viera TH-50PZ700U

    Thanks for any help,
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