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  • Ha, just saw that my rep put you back in the green. I do question the play calling when Zaire is in, and I think we've thrown him in at some of the worst times and in some terrible situations. That said, I just don't know if we can expect much out of him when the run game is so inconsistent. He thrives when we're dominating the line of scrimmage and he's hitting receivers on play action in limited doses. I'll always pull for him though, he's the QB I wanted to lead this team.
    Kênh du l?ch Hu? noi cung c?p thông tin v? du lich Hue, thông tin xe open tour ? Hu?, xe Hue Da Nang, du lich ba na
    I dont really think I NEED to say anything. If everyone watched the game they should be able to figure it out themselves. LOL
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