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    I'm sure most of us consider ourselves superfans of our beloved Irish. But, I thought it would be cool to start a thread discussing why or how we can rightfully call ourselves superfans. This thread strongly encourages pics and videos to help show what kind of ND fans we have at IE. Gameday attire, memorabilia, or anything to show our superfandome... have fun!

    --WE ARE ND--

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    I thought I was the number one fan, until I found out about fan rankings, which placed me at 12,434. Then after I spilled me some sugared popcorn and slept through a friggen bowl game victory, I slipped to 345,218. This one still gives me some chills, and I know it has been posted several times on this site:

    YouTube - Here Come The Irish (song about Notre Dame)


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      Damn I love that song Nuetered!!! Played it for my students today while they were doing some group work. Get the chills every time I hear it.

      I have pictures of myself in and around ND, but I'm too stupid to know how to put them on this site (or does that make me smart?). But here are some reasons I consider myself a superfan:

      1) I used to abore message boards, and even though I am a diehard Lakers, Angels, and Galaxy fan, I only frequent ND boards, esp this one. I spend more time w/ ND people than my fiance, and she's a friggin' graduate.

      2) I make sure the teams I coach NEVER play or practice on Saturdays at the time ND plays. Hell, I'd rather forfeit a game than miss ND live! I had some close calls this year, including missing the very last play of the North Carolina game. (sigh)

      3) When my 5th graders have music class or P.E. or whatever, I usually read ND stuff or post stuff here instead of doing lesson plans or grading papers (which means I have to do that stuff at home).

      4) I almost took NSD day off, until my lady made me feel like a pathetic loser. So I scheduled my class's spelling test around Te'o's announcement. Needless to say, when Manti pulled out the ND hat, I let out a loud "Yesss!!!", causing my students to wonder what the hell was going on. All I could say was, "Sorry kids, ND just pulled a superstar from USC's feet. Booya!"

      5) I work across the street from USC. I proudly wear my ND gear all the time. In South Central L.A. Surrounded by USC fans. In front of the gangsters in their SC gear. (never have problems either, unless I'm at the Coliseum). I have access to very inexpensive ND gear, so I'm able to wear ND gear that is also appropriate for work. This week, no lie, I wore ND gear 4 days of the week (that is abnormally high though).

      *** Not trying to brag here; I'm no bigger fan than the rest of you. But i do love me some ND, that's fo' sho'!!!
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        I read and post on here everyday. It's a delicate balance between superfan and going full retard.
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          I must say I agree with Junkhead on this one. It is a delicate balence. That was good NDinLA as well reminded me of me. Lol. I could write an incredibly long post about my love for ND, but it might scare the hell out of you all, so I will try to keep it as short as posible.

          1) My 3 year old girl still can't can't count past 20 but she knows that #7 throws the ball to #3 and #23. She asks if she can wear her Jimmy shirt (JC jersey I bought her) almost everyday.

          2) My own wife believes my passion for Notre Dame far exceeds my passion towards her.

          3) I sat in front of the computer on NSD and watched, and prayed, and prayed. I was on the phone with a friend of mine that is also a big ND fan when Manti signed. I was his eyes, since he was driving for work. When Manti said in the fall of 2009 I will be joining Charlie............I lost it. I scared the hell out of the dog. My buddy was just laughing, he was excited too, but my excitement was a little excessive.

          4) I have no desire to do anything when ND loses a game. It ruins an entire day, sometimes an entire week. Notre Dame at times is all I think about, and all I want to do is watch a game or talk about what might be in store for the future.
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            I am a super fan... and my proof lies with the fact that I put up with all you fine people...............
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              I willingly gave up a day of sex to watch the Hawaii Bowl. I win.


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                Delicate balance? You guys want delicate balance?
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