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    I'm going to start doing this every week. Preferably, I'd like to have it up on Sunday but my computer had an auto update so I lost the draft I had put together. In general, I'd like it to be an aggregate of various recruiting information from the prior week. The individual recruit threads make this site great but some less active guests/posters may miss some of those thread bumps over the course of the week. It'll be a collection of social media photos/videos, new offers, premium and free articles, with a specific discussion topic every week.

    New Offers
    '22 FL DB Kye Stokes (OSU Commit)
    '23 MA OL Samsun Okunlola
    '23 CA WR Rico Flores
    '23 NC WR Noah Rogers
    '24 PA LB Anthony Speca (he's the first 2024 offer)

    Free Articles
    Video | 2022 Notre Dame WR Target Andre Greene UA Highlights | Irish Sports Daily

    Video | 2022 Notre Dame QB Commit Steve Angeli UA Highlights | Irish Sports Daily

    Film Don't Lie | Eli Raridon | Irish Sports Daily

    Top Performers: Baltimore Under Armour All-America camp (

    Inside No. 1 safety Xavier Nwankpa's top seven schools (

    Top247 WR CJ Williams locks in first three trips, sets commitment date (

    BlueAndGold - Notre Dame QB Pledge Steve Angeli Commits To Under Armour All-America Game (

    BlueAndGold - Blue & Gold TV: Five Things We Learned About Notre Dame Recruiting In April (

    Premium Articles
    ISD Game Predictions: 2021 Blue-Gold Game | Irish Sports Daily
    - The entire ISD staff answered questions regarding the Blue and Gold game. However, at the end, they all answered who they expected in the 2022 class by Aug. 1st. And, well, there answers were surprising. A couple of big names that came up frequently were Nicholas Singleton, Tobias Merriweather, and Devin Moore.

    Top 2023 CB Michael Daugherty Eyeing Notre Dame Stop | Irish Sports Daily
    - Michael Daugherty is a top of board S in the '23 class and he's very high on ND early

    Top 100 OLB Jaylen Sneed details his top five (
    - Brian Dohn catches up with Sneed as he goes in-depth on his Top 5 list.

    RB Nicholas Singleton official visit schedule change now includes Alabama trip (
    - Singleton has removed OSU from his visit list and added Bama. Most feel it's an ND/PSU battle with PSU having a slight lead and Bama is the dark horse.

    Top247 WR CJ Williams talks Notre Dame interest, plans for early decision (
    - Moved his ND visit from his first to his last. With a commitment date of Sept 7th, his mothers Bday. Says he has the best relationship with ND coaches. It's been talked about in his thread, ND is in a very good position as we head into the OV's.

    What I’m Hearing: Top Notre Dame Targets (
    - Tom Loy with a detailed breakdown of ND's remaining (30+) targets.

    Top100 WR Tobias Merriweather has first official set (
    - Only OV scheduled so far is to ND. Daily contact with Del. Looking to take more OV's in the Fall. We'll see if it gets that far. ND is in a good spot with Merriweather. West Coast 247 guys think it's an ND/Stanford battle and Stanford may not host early summer OV's.

    BlueAndGold - Lucky Charms: Notre Dame Recruiting Scoop From The Road (
    - Taylor Groves being recruited pretty heavily by Del. As already noted, he may prefer DB so they are pitching the Cam Hart experience to him.

    BlueAndGold - Nation’s Top Center Fired Up About Return Visit To Notre Dame (
    - Carson Hinzman is a name we probably don't talk about enough. He's a top 100 player at Rivals and is visiting the same weekend as Schrauth and Brunner. Out of those 3, it feels like we're going to get 2 OL out of Wisconsin this year. Maybe all 3.

    (4) Recruiting - Lucky Charms: Notre Dame Football Recruiting Tidbits | (
    - From Mike Singer, this is the first we're hearing of Austin Brown. Austin is a DB recruit from Illinois that is starting to make some noise. He's earned offers from Iowa, Duke, Northwestern, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisville and Vanderbilt recently. Notre Dame and Ohio State have been expressing interest lately.

    Let's Discuss

    So, it's been well documented around here that ND's dream DB haul is no more. At one point the ND paid sites made it seem like it was quite the reality. But, we now know that Brooks and Rogers won't be visiting and with the death of Jyaire Brown's father combined with Rogers's decision, it seems very unlikely he's part of the class. So, where does that leave us?

    The board right now looks to be Nikai Martinez, Devin Moore, Benjamin Morrison, Jayden Bellamy, Xavier Nwankpa, Sherrod Covil, Jake Pope, and Kevin Winston Jr. With Jaden Mickey already committed, the board seems pretty healthy. We could also factor in that Taylor Groves may prefer DB and is already being pitched the Cam Hart experience. IMO and I think most peoples opinions, Nwakpa seems like a long shot and Pope is going to be a dog fight with most of the heavy hitters involved. I absolutely love Covil but it seems like the staff doesn't as much. So, let's say we don't land those 3. Instead, we end up with a class that is Mickey, Martinez, Moore, Morrison, and Winston. How does that look, feel, and play together?

    On paper it looks a little underwhelming. Mainly because Devin Moore and Kevin Winston Jr. are rated as 3 star talents. But, it feels a lot better than that. We know that Moore is very coveted by the ND staff. So much so that Kelly is personally recruiting him. Plus he's got an Alabama offer and they're in his top 3. We also know that Winston Jr. was one of the 1st DB offers Freeman sent out when he got to ND. The other 3 are 4 star prospects. Mickey is a quickly ascending west coast talent. While Martinez is coveted by Clemson and he reminds me of Julian Love. Early on Martinez was a personal favorite of mine. When I watch his film, I see a good football player and well coached DB. Previously, I thought it'd be Mickey or Martinez at Nickel but with space opening up, I'd take both and I explain why below.

    How do they play/fit together? I'd say good with the chance to be really good. I think Devin Moore is a prototype Single High S for what Freeman wants to run with the possibility to be a boundary CB. He moves very well for his size and it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't start him at Boundary like Hart. I think Winston (who some think could play P5 RB) is your SS. Morrison is a utility DB (potential Boundary CB or S) and Mickey/Martinez are the prototype Nickel CB's with potential to the Field. I think that's a good fit for a couple of reasons. 1.) We need Nickel CB's in a bad way so I have no problem taking 2 in the same class. 2.) With the emergence of Hart, Henderson, and Lewis at CB, we have solid eligibility at the top of the CB depth chart. And, the Barnes/Riley combo from last year at the bottom. S and Nickel for scheme flexibility seem like more immediate needs. I cannot stress enough the need for high level Nickel CB's on this roster. What would make it very good? That would be if one or both of Mickey/Martinez can play field CB. Like I said, CB is a position that is trending up on the roster but I think we need to continue to add guys that can cover to the Field. If either one of those guys can do that, then it's a great fit, IMO.

    To wrap this up. We seem to be getting more clarity on secondary recruiting. And, while it won't match that of DL or LB recruiting this cycle from a rating/rankings perspective. I think it's a solid group of prospects that fills some roster needs, very well. Personally, I'm a big fan of Moore, Martinez, and Mickey.
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    I planned on adding more aspects to this like a section with various media, highlights, etc but I lost the draft I was putting together and wanted to get this up for now.


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      Well Done Lucky!


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        This is awesome, thank you! Looking forward to these.


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          Absolutely a great hit, comprehensive but didn't overwhelm and for someone like me just not able to invest like I used to... Much appreciated and bravo job!!! Great new addition
          this plus the rumor one by lax are great additions


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            Can't remember where but I thought I read that Jake Pope is looking more like a UNC/ND battle. He's got those bigger offers but maybe is lower down the boards of OSU and Bama, and I would like to see that one continue to pick up steam. Devin Moore, Jake Pope and Kevin Winston would be a heck of a safety class.


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              I think it’s a reasonable base case for discussion purposes. We lead for the other 5. Pope taking all 5 OV’s makes it a little harder to speculate on than the others. Certainly, not best class scenario.

              They are treating Nwankpa and Pope like top priorities from all accounts. Just less clarity there.

              Edit: And they may only take 4 DB’s. I don’t think they should and ultimately would be surprised if they do. There are still a lot of moving parts. For example, they could take Groves plus 3 other WR’s and move him. Personally, if Groves really would rather play DB then I’d take him and not Winston Jr. Just less clarity on if that’s the direction we’re headed.
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                Nice work on this Lucky! Hope you have a lot of free time lined up in June


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                  Agree with you on DB recruiting. I never quite jumped on the hype when Freeman and Co. Started offering all the big dogs. (Certainly can't blame them, shoot your shot) but where that has bite us in the ass in the past is not developing a whole board or sticking with your "lower rated" guys on said board.

                  It's a real quality group and when you add it to the young DBs already on roster there is a lot to like.

                  All that said, gotta still land them.

                  Really excited for June.


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                    Thanks for the post Lucky, I'll be looking for this each week. And as another poster mentioned, hope you have some time blocked in June. Going to be a busy man.


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                      Haha, I don’t foresee it being any more cumbersome than this was. I’m glad everyone liked it. The intention isn’t to get every article up here or have all the news from the week. A review of sorts and maybe somethings that folks might be missing. June might require a little more time but I’m not going to double the content or anything like that. There will just be harder decisions on what gets included. I’ll include a commitments section since we should have a few ;) I had one in for Raridon but like I said, I lost the draft I put together and his thread was quite active so I left it off for now.