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    This should be a fun thread to finally have revived. The dead period is expected to end on May 31st. So, visits are getting lined up for the summer. Please add any visits to this thread if they are not already posted. I'll try to stay up to date on any self-guided visits that may occur between now and when the dead period ends. As there could be a couple of really important ones in the coming weeks.

    March 18th
    2022 RB Dallan Hayden (self-guided tour)

    March 20nd
    2023 WR Carnell Tate (self-guided tour)

    March 22nd
    2022 LB Jaylen Sneed (self-guided tour)

    April 10th
    2022 OL George Fitzpatrick (self-guided tour)

    April 23rd
    2022 TE Eli Raridon (self-guided tour)

    June 3rd
    2023 S Caleb Down (unofficial visit)

    June 4th
    2022 WR CJ Williams - OV
    2022 RB Emeka Megwa - OV
    2022 S Kevin Winston - OV

    June 5th
    2023 TE Jaxon Howard (unofficial Visit)

    June 11th
    2022 RB Dallan Hayden - OV
    2022 LB Junior Tuihalamaka - OV
    2022 OT Jake Taylor - OV
    2022 TE Holden Staes - OV
    2022 DB Benjamin Morrison - OV
    2022 DT Anthony Lucas - OV
    2022 WR Tobias Merriweather - OV

    June 12th
    2023 OL Alex Birchmeier

    June 14th
    2022 LB Jaylen Sneed - OV
    2022 DL Tyson Ford (ND commit) - OV
    2022 CB Khamauri Rogers - OV
    June 18th
    2022 RB Nicholas Singleton - OV
    2022 TE Eli Raridon - OV
    2022 OL Carson Hinzman - OV
    2022 S Xavier Nwankpa - OV
    2022 OT Amil Wagner - OV
    2022 WR Nicholas Anderson - OV
    2022 WR Tyler Morris - OV
    2022 QB Steve Angeli (ND commit) - OV
    2022 OL Billy Schrauth - OV
    2022 DB Jayden Bellamy - OV
    2022 OT Joe Brunner - OV
    2022 DE Cyrus Moss - OV
    2022 LB Sebastian Cheeks - OV

    June 25th
    2022 RB Gavin Sawchuk - OV
    2022 CB Jaden Mickey (ND commit) - OV
    2022 RB Jadarian Price (ND commit) - OV
    2022 S Kevin Winston - OV
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    SC LB Jaylen Sneed will be taking a self guided tour on Monday, March 22nd.


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      Hayden OV June 12th weekend.


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        Updated. June visitor list is starting to come together.


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          #1 S in ‘23 class, Caleb Downs has been added. Jyaire Brown coming on a self guided tour.


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            June 18th is getting busy


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              After moving Jyaire Brown's visit to this weekend as he didn't make it last weekend, I have removed him altogether.

              And, added a lot of June OV's. As noted in some of the individual prospect threads, the June visit list is loaded.
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                Different way to think of visitors I was thinking though, Steve is gonna need some help that weekend (or does he have it already in Staes and Schrauth possibly?)!

                Steve Angeli - June 18 - 20th
                • RB Nicholas Singelton
                • WR Tyler Morris
                • WR Nicholas Anderson
                • TE Holden Staes
                • TE Eli Raridon
                • OL Carson Hinzman
                • OL Joe Brunner
                • OL Aamil Wagner
                • OL Billy Schrauth
                • CB Jayden Bellamy (Teammate)
                Nolan Ziegler - June 18 - 20th
                • DE Cyrus Moss
                • LB Sebastian Cheeks
                • CB Jayden Bellamy
                • S Xavier Nwankpa
                Jadarian Price - June 25 - 27th
                • RB Gavin Sawchuk
                • WR C.J. Williams
                Jaden Mickey - June 25 - 27th
                • S Kevin Winston
                I also do not think it is any coincidence that Steve and Nolan are visiting the busiest weekend.
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                  I was hoping we’d get Tyson Ford up here for one of those weekends.


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                    Originally posted by Luckylucci View Post
                    I was hoping we’d get Tyson Ford up here for one of those weekends.
                    Wouldn't surprise me if they are trying to get him in on the 11th to pair him with the other Defensive targets that weekend.
                    • LB Niuafe Tuihalamaka
                    • DT Anthony Lucas
                    • CB Nikai Martinez
                    • CB Benjamin Morrison
                    • S Jake Pope