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Time User Message
Sep, 08, 18:13 peoriairish
Sep, 08, 18:07 peoriairish
[20 minutes later]: just me
Sep, 08, 18:00 peoriairish
Is it just me or is this QB unexpectedly elusive?
Sep, 08, 17:48 peoriairish
5/3 odds that Finke gets drafted by NE?
Sep, 08, 17:47 peoriairish
Very smart choice there checking it down.
Sep, 08, 17:43 peoriairish
Sep, 08, 17:41 peoriairish
Sep, 08, 17:41 peoriairish
3 and out here please.
Sep, 08, 17:30 peoriairish
Fucking Tillery. He's terrific.
Sep, 08, 17:21 peoriairish
That was brutal. We need to come out and score 35 in the 2nd half.
Sep, 08, 17:10 peoriairish
Score before half please.
Sep, 08, 16:58 peoriairish
And I'm all alone again :'(
Sep, 08, 16:57 peoriairish
Fucking Flutie.
Sep, 08, 16:54 peoriairish
C'mon Clark!
Sep, 08, 16:54 peoriairish
Gotta get there!
Sep, 08, 16:51 peoriairish
Is that the first INT from a safety since Farley? I'm kinda serious.
Sep, 08, 16:48 peoriairish
Easy money. Here come the points.
Sep, 08, 16:47 peoriairish
Sep, 08, 16:46 peoriairish
I'm having fun. Are you having fun? This is fun...
Sep, 08, 16:43 peoriairish
Is it a Jafar thing or is it a Wimbus thing? He's turned to face the ball the past 2 receptions. Gotta lead the man.
Sep, 08, 16:42 peoriairish
Jafar doing everything and bailing our asses out.
Sep, 08, 16:42 peoriairish
This is neat.
Sep, 08, 16:40 peoriairish
Phew. Got a break there.
Sep, 08, 16:37 peoriairish
Sep, 08, 16:37 peoriairish
Gutted is a slang term I've tried to get going over here. I just can't get it to stick. I love it.
Sep, 08, 16:34 peoriairish
Ha. Southern Illinois is beating Ole Miss. I love the SEC so much when they shit the bed.
Sep, 08, 16:33 peoriairish
I don't have a link... sorry Scottie.
Sep, 08, 16:32 peoriairish
Not one bit. I was so confused when I saw it. I'm like... so people actually even think of 4x4 with a Kia? A Crosstrek is the same price point but a way better wheeler.
Sep, 08, 16:28 peoriairish
Did you see that Kia commercial with their suv at Moab? Do you think it was real? I find it very hard to beleive
Sep, 08, 16:25 peoriairish
The square headlights don't bother me. It's just a different model than normal. kinda cool.
Sep, 08, 16:24 peoriairish
Holy shit he was.
Sep, 08, 16:24 peoriairish
No way he was inbounds.
Sep, 08, 16:23 peoriairish
There we go.
Sep, 08, 16:20 peoriairish
I've always wanted to get an older jeep but don't have the wrenching skills or money to keep it running haha.
Sep, 08, 16:20 peoriairish
Guh. The kid needs to get his ass on the field. He's electric when he's out there.
Sep, 08, 16:18 peoriairish
YJ.... you're Jeep man. I'm assuming the YJ is a reference to the jeep model.
Sep, 08, 16:15 peoriairish
Jeep man.... can you explain to me why Dex isn't playing?
Sep, 08, 16:15 peoriairish
Yeup. Another Book handoff for TD please and thank you.
Sep, 08, 16:13 peoriairish
Told you I had faith in Lea.
Sep, 08, 16:11 peoriairish
Same. This is my first time on the site in quite a while.
Sep, 08, 16:08 peoriairish
We should not be losing yards.
Sep, 08, 16:07 peoriairish
sup philly.
Sep, 08, 16:04 peoriairish
Welp, there's 3 to the 13 I thought they'd get. Shut them down and the last 10 will come in garbage time.
Sep, 08, 16:02 peoriairish
We could have 10 players on the field and should be dominating.
Sep, 08, 15:59 peoriairish
What is this D line doing? Playing blocking dummies?!
Sep, 08, 15:57 peoriairish
No joke. I have faith in Lea though. I think.
Sep, 08, 15:56 peoriairish
The D is looking rough.
Sep, 08, 15:54 peoriairish
So does Neal get an update on if the FBI found his porn under his bed during each time out?
Sep, 08, 15:51 peoriairish
Hm. That was suspect
Sep, 08, 15:49 peoriairish
yes. dumb challenge.


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