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Sep, 08, 21:42 Irishman77
here's to putting it all back together next week and looking like the playoff team we are... Cheers and GO IRISH+
Jan, 23, 00:03 Irishman77
Nice . I knew you needed to get that off your chest. Your welcome brother
Jan, 22, 23:57 Irishman77
Give us your honest list of who we close with.
Jan, 22, 23:52 Irishman77
Tp I'm within for a state of the Union address or some kind of clarity. Spill the beans on something
Jan, 22, 23:47 Irishman77
F that lets win a game by more than a cunt hair and run the damn ball
Jan, 22, 23:39 Irishman77
Fuck me
Jan, 22, 23:38 Irishman77
Who's our mlb? Morgan, martini or pwo spotted in a nuclear chem lab on campus?
Jan, 22, 23:34 Irishman77
I'm not feeling either to be honest but Ohio st made my asshole pucker up to the size of a decimal point
Jan, 22, 23:33 Irishman77
Damnit dude bring it
Jan, 22, 23:31 Irishman77
Tp I need your crystal ball prediction on Caleb and crob
Sep, 19, 16:31 Irishman77
i hope we see a very emotional team today
Sep, 19, 16:28 Irishman77
cracking my 2nd PBR...what you guys drinking
Sep, 19, 16:27 Irishman77
anyone find it about impossible to be entertained by golf and baseball when football is on?
Sep, 19, 16:25 Irishman77
i feel kelly shows a few new wrinkles on offense today that end up big for us
Sep, 19, 16:23 Irishman77
for the first time this year i want the ball first how bout u?
Oct, 11, 14:05 Irishman77
We are going to kick the shit out of fsu next week...with or without Winston!
Oct, 03, 01:36 Irishman77
we would crush the shit out of Oregon . If we don't get bama in the playoffs I would love to destroy these softies
Oct, 03, 01:35 Irishman77
If u are an Arizona fan you must be furious! Blatant fucking home job
Sep, 07, 00:37 Irishman77
Ohio st done cooked fucked
Sep, 07, 00:26 Irishman77
Ohio st karma about to come to a screeching halt blahhahahaha
Sep, 06, 19:48 Irishman77
Stanford sucks...n.d. -16.5 and we will cover
Sep, 06, 19:38 Irishman77
We will beat USC AND stanford
Jun, 14, 00:50 Irishman77
15 min
Jun, 14, 00:44 Irishman77
Jun, 14, 00:30 Irishman77
Doc sounds like he won a scratch off lottery ticket every 19 seconds
Jun, 14, 00:28 Irishman77
Announcer is unreal
Jun, 14, 00:27 Irishman77
Nhl overtime fruitcakes
Jun, 14, 00:15 Irishman77
Geno smith
Jun, 14, 00:04 Irishman77
Pavlov walks into a bar. The phone rings, and he says, "Damn, I forgot to feed the dog."
Jun, 13, 23:56 Irishman77
How do you make Holy water? Boil the hell out of it.
Jun, 13, 23:55 Irishman77
F that 12-0
Jun, 13, 23:54 Irishman77
Randolph is one of a few that I cannot wait to see this year.
Jun, 13, 23:53 Irishman77
Te on coney stout bad ass ilb!
Jun, 13, 23:51 Irishman77
Coney visit could eliminate bilal
Jun, 13, 23:45 Irishman77
Micah's bottom half is very different than kona's. Micah has got that nfl knee to hip mold
Jun, 13, 23:43 Irishman77
Gonna be 2-3 years but he will have 2 great years here if he gets his chance
Jun, 13, 23:42 Irishman77
Reminds me of romeo
Jun, 13, 23:42 Irishman77
Micah is special.
Jun, 13, 23:40 Irishman77
Dwarfs and midgets have very little in common.
Jun, 13, 23:38 Irishman77
So either my jokes suck or TP needs to drop some recruiting bombs the crowd is leaving in drones
Jun, 13, 23:37 Irishman77
Jun, 13, 23:37 Irishman77
This series sucks! The hawks /kings series was once a decade epis
Jun, 13, 23:34 Irishman77
Kings gonna hoist the cup tonight
Jun, 13, 23:30 Irishman77
When you get a bladder infection, urine trouble
Jun, 13, 23:28 Irishman77
Last night I almost had a threesome, I only needed two more people!
Jun, 13, 23:23 Irishman77
A blind man walks into a bar. And a table. And a chair.
Jun, 13, 23:22 Irishman77
So this guy with a premature ejaculation problem comes out of nowhere
Jun, 13, 23:19 Irishman77
It’s hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they always take things literally.
Jun, 13, 23:14 Irishman77
Go on..
Jun, 13, 23:13 Irishman77
Will malik be ok with sitting golson a 5th yr?


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