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Nov, 04, 00:52 Meacon Irish
Let's all pool our money together and hire Hiestand back?
Sep, 15, 19:06 Meacon Irish
We're an ugly ass 3-0 team, but I'll take it over a pretty 0-3, 1-2, or 2-1 team.
Sep, 05, 19:13 Meacon Irish
It's why college football is so great. Doesn't matter if you're the most talented team on paper. Anything can happen.
Sep, 05, 19:10 Meacon Irish
Because you've been watching for all these years.
Aug, 20, 21:16 Meacon Irish
And if I had a nickle for every time they say Everett GolSTON
Aug, 20, 21:16 Meacon Irish
I'm re-watching the Music City Bowl and my God, the little jabs ESPN likes to throw.
Nov, 11, 11:01 Meacon Irish
Why don't we ever do a HB-screen? There are so many times we get blitzed and I don't think we've run more than three HB-screens all year.
Oct, 11, 16:48 Meacon Irish
The seem to like that side of our D
Aug, 30, 17:13 Meacon Irish
Here's hoping Austin is back for Michigan or Gardner will light us up all over again
Aug, 30, 16:56 Meacon Irish
God bless Cody Riggs
Aug, 29, 18:37 Meacon Irish
muck fichigan
Feb, 05, 14:51 Meacon Irish
Jan, 01, 17:38 Meacon Irish
All in due time, Rudy. All in due time...
Dec, 28, 16:35 Meacon Irish
Happy New Year to you all
Dec, 28, 16:34 Meacon Irish
Dec, 28, 16:34 Meacon Irish
Ah, could've been.
Dec, 28, 16:33 Meacon Irish
Couldn't see who grabbed it
Dec, 28, 16:33 Meacon Irish
Was that another Dan Fox interception?
Dec, 28, 16:32 Meacon Irish
There's the man
Dec, 28, 16:32 Meacon Irish
Dec, 28, 16:32 Meacon Irish
Well, I'd love for him to stay more.
Dec, 28, 16:32 Meacon Irish
I'd love nothing more than for Denver to take him at the end of the first.
Dec, 28, 16:29 Meacon Irish
I hope come April, that all Tuitt is is a Notre Dame student.
Dec, 28, 16:27 Meacon Irish
Kelly caught with hookers and drugs. Don't forget the drugs.
Dec, 28, 16:26 Meacon Irish
I want to see this new jacked up Golson
Dec, 28, 16:25 Meacon Irish
And now we can relax a little, enjoy the rest of the bowls, and prepare to freak out/celebrate like crazy on Signing Day. :p
Dec, 28, 16:23 Meacon Irish
Nice kick
Dec, 28, 16:20 Meacon Irish
Bah nevermind. We'll run the ball and punt.
Dec, 28, 16:19 Meacon Irish
33-16 does look better than 26-16
Dec, 28, 16:18 Meacon Irish
Hot dog!
Dec, 28, 16:18 Meacon Irish
Hey that worked!
Dec, 28, 16:16 Meacon Irish
Pressure is on them.
Dec, 28, 16:16 Meacon Irish
Just no big plays. No big kick off return.
Dec, 28, 16:14 Meacon Irish
Yeah, 3:38
Dec, 28, 16:14 Meacon Irish
There's only 3 minutes left isn't there?
Dec, 28, 16:12 Meacon Irish
If that's the position you're listed at, you're going to get hurt.
Dec, 28, 16:12 Meacon Irish
Our offensive line is like Iowa's running backs of last season
Dec, 28, 16:12 Meacon Irish
Hanratty's down.
Dec, 28, 16:12 Meacon Irish
Oh no
Dec, 28, 16:11 Meacon Irish
Dec, 28, 16:10 Meacon Irish
Give it to 25 again
Dec, 28, 16:09 Meacon Irish
Folston and Bryant are going to be such a fun duo
Dec, 28, 16:08 Meacon Irish
Yeah, with another year to polish up, Niklas could be a first rounder in the 2015 draft
Dec, 28, 16:07 Meacon Irish
Troy the Stud says he doesn't care
Dec, 28, 16:06 Meacon Irish
2nd and 5 to a 2nd and 10
Dec, 28, 16:06 Meacon Irish
False start. Oh bother.
Dec, 28, 16:05 Meacon Irish
400+ yards of offense and 19 points
Dec, 28, 16:01 Meacon Irish
Defense did well there. Had we had a decent attempt on the kick return, that would've been a punt.
Dec, 28, 16:01 Meacon Irish
Haha true
Dec, 28, 16:00 Meacon Irish
Of course they make it


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