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Time User Message
Sep, 08, 18:23 Irish YJ
knee catch lol
Sep, 08, 17:42 Irish YJ
we better turn it on now
Sep, 08, 17:21 Irish YJ
and fuck flutie
Sep, 08, 17:20 Irish YJ
horrible first half.
Sep, 08, 16:47 Irish YJ
finally the DDDDDDDDDDD
Sep, 08, 16:46 Irish YJ
not sure it was finke, but very wide open rcvr to the left
Sep, 08, 16:42 Irish YJ
i need some mccallan
Sep, 08, 16:36 Irish YJ
thank you clark for the last three drives
Sep, 08, 16:35 Irish YJ
go to reddit and search CFB streams
Sep, 08, 16:29 Irish YJ
was a silly commercial that didn't make sense given their customer base
Sep, 08, 16:28 Irish YJ
i got mine from a handa dealership. looked ragedy so i talked them down to 3k out the door... put 10 into it, and it's a bad boy. i didn't need to put but 4 into it to make it a great looking jacked up beast
Sep, 08, 16:26 Irish YJ
it's got a longer will base than the cj too. aftermarket parts are a plenty
Sep, 08, 16:24 Irish YJ
hard to find a cj in good condition, and tjs have too much computer/electric crap. a lot of folks don't like the square headlights, but i prefer everything else
Sep, 08, 16:23 Irish YJ
that's why i like the late model yj... the 6 is bullet proof, not a lot of crap electric or computers, and very easy to work on it
Sep, 08, 16:19 Irish YJ
dex is supposedly suspended for 4 games for an unknown reason
Sep, 08, 16:19 Irish YJ
yup, totally refurbed a 93. i've got a jacked up jk too
Sep, 08, 16:18 Irish YJ
O sucks the last two drives. Hoping the D tees up
Sep, 08, 16:14 Irish YJ
we need to score here with force
Sep, 08, 16:13 Irish YJ
nice Coney
Sep, 08, 16:12 Irish YJ
welcome back Philly
Sep, 08, 16:02 Irish YJ
come on D4
Sep, 08, 16:01 Irish YJ
thank goodness for the penalty.
had a bad feeling....
Sep, 08, 16:01 Irish YJ
even being held, we should be dominating... lol
Sep, 08, 15:59 Irish YJ
seems vanilla and sleepy.... generic...
Sep, 08, 15:57 Irish YJ
finally some pressure
Sep, 08, 15:55 Irish YJ
Sep, 08, 15:55 Irish YJ
D looks soft. Not the start I was hoping for
Sep, 08, 15:49 Irish YJ
stupid challenge
Sep, 08, 15:40 Irish YJ
Shut up Doug
Sep, 08, 15:39 Irish YJ
Go Irish!!!
Oct, 17, 23:00 Irish YJ
y'all nuts
Sep, 21, 00:52 Irish YJ
armstead... puke
Sep, 21, 00:01 Irish YJ
ducks and wash st still tied at least
Sep, 20, 23:38 Irish YJ
Sep, 20, 23:34 Irish YJ
fuck.... wide open too
Sep, 20, 23:27 Irish YJ
fsu and Oregon score...
Sep, 20, 23:27 Irish YJ
Sep, 20, 23:27 Irish YJ
Sep, 20, 23:27 Irish YJ
Sep, 20, 23:27 Irish YJ
Sep, 20, 23:20 Irish YJ
magic legs!!
Sep, 20, 23:20 Irish YJ
before or after his legs were blown off
Sep, 20, 23:17 Irish YJ
don't jinx Clemson like that
Sep, 20, 23:10 Irish YJ
thank you clemson
Sep, 20, 23:09 Irish YJ
sc scores again.... 48-27....
Sep, 20, 23:05 Irish YJ
holy cow
Sep, 20, 23:02 Irish YJ
washst 1st and 10 on or 17
Sep, 20, 23:00 Irish YJ
I'd prefer Nico's family put a hit on him. Don't want to lose Trumbetti to the honor code bottomless pit
Sep, 20, 22:57 Irish YJ
ducks down early 7-0
Sep, 20, 21:58 Irish YJ
ok back on top 31-24


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